Prediction 39: The Economy

One more dive before the final turn around.

Food prices, fuel prices, another free fall as the fiscal cliff questions the future value of the dollar. The national debt must be dealt with, taxes are required.

The new uniquely powered fast vehicle, sold to the masses in its odd sleek shape, is the future of the automobile industry. This is the marker that the economy turns around. Business; inventions, innovations, in all areas are the key to our way out of this recession, with this vehicle at its center. Remove your expectations of government salvation.

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation

  • A red arrow going down, with stock numbers off to right of what was a screen.
  • The word “Fiscal” and then a picture of a cliff
  • “Money has to come from somewhere, Taxes”
  • A visual of this sleek white spaceship looking race car that was on a show room floor. There was a sign in the corner that had a red X, then the sign ‘turned around’ like a cartoon and it was green.  Other odd inventions where in the room a phone that was an arm wrist, new appliances without any cords, small gadgets of all kind, as if to show these were are inventions.

Right now we are focused on getting the predictions complete. We plan to regroup later with time frames for all the predictions that apply, especially this one.

5 thoughts on “Prediction 39: The Economy

  1. I did see a cell phone attached on a wrist band in a Christmas ad. Interesting! Do you happen to recall what the numbers on the stock screen were?

  2. There is a private company called Space X which is making the new rockets for NASA that is a sister company of Tesla Motors electric car company. Wonder if this is the connection with the X on a space ship looking car. Would be nice if these types of businesses are the wave of the future US economy.

    Like your posts, keep up the good work.

    1. Its interesting you bring that up because 2013-14 has several outer space events that unfold. Keep your eye out in Jan-Feb when we roll out the 2013 predictions. We eventually also plan to add technology as a new subject. It should be an interesting subject but we have to get a clearer understanding of when it happens.

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