Notes of Prediction 38

Notes: Here is the symbolic messages from the spirits that created this prediction, feel free to create your own translation.

  • Visual: The US Flag on a wall, A paper target on the ground below in the desert.
  • Voice: “Brutal”– “We got him”– “Them” — “Yes! Done”
  • Visual: A line in the sand drawn,  feet crossing the line. You could look at this several ways a counter attack for the actions in Libya, or you can use this prediction for situations in Syria, Iran, and Pakistan. As if someone crossed the line.   The problem with Syria/Iran is it would be an international response and this was clearly a US response.
  • Visual: Putting a fork in a bowl followed by the words “Economy”. A message I am familiar with. The fork meaning we are done, leaving no room for questions and then they moved on to the next prediction which as you will see is about the Economy.


Prediction 38: The US targets its enemy. The missile hits the target with dreadful success. ‘We got them’, a brutal reminder not to cross the United States. Perhaps an attack on those who assassinated the US ambassador to Libya.

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