Prediction 37 Panic Attack / U.S. Politics

Within the Politics of today there is panic,.. attacks. The political arena’s mounting upheavals.  Massive amounts of money are put into the television and thrown away.

Notes from the other side:  Many of you have asked how I come to predict events in the future. They are provided by a small group of spirits that communicate to me.  At times its a visual symbolic message, or skrying, or a voice that I hear. Then, like a puzzle I put it together to give you the predictions you read. To clarify the process here are the notes of what they said for this prediction.

  1. A scene of political cars arriving, people waving U.S. flags and the crowd cheering as their leader arrives. The first message provided is the base, subject, and foundation of the prediction. In this case the scene could be the upcoming DNC, some other political event or is simply referring to politics in general.
  2. The words “Panic Attack” in big bold letters. I find the words and wording doesn’t always fit and could be symbolic. Example: An attack that would create panic.
  3. A visual of a small TV, and a man putting money into it as if it were a bank ATM. “Putting money into TV ads”
  4. A visual of trash being thrown in a trash container.  “Thown away”

I would encourage you to provide any feedback. Some think its a great idea to show exactly what the spirits have to say while others say it’s just too long of a read. ‘Comment’ what you think of this new way of presenting the prediction. We are going to try this for the Month of September and either continue to write it with ‘Notes’ or return to the original way.

4 thoughts on “Prediction 37 Panic Attack / U.S. Politics

  1. Hi Erick, I think this is a great way to communicate what you see/hear and are picking up by the spirits. My vote is to adopt this new way of predictions. Regardless, I always appreciate your updates!


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