Summary of Prediction 16

Prediction 16 has completed.

Prediction 16 Volcano P2 Posted April 27, 2012 reads: Around the 4th of May the Volcano Popocatepetl takes it to a new level of danger as it begins to erupt. Those locations around it are hammered with debris. Travel is also affected and delayed. This dangerous situation seems to last approximately a month. What is unclear is whether they are talking in total, which would be mid month or they are saying a month from now, which falls at the end of May

STbreaking news on 5-10-2012 reads “Debris from volcano closes Mexico airport” On the 2nd not the 4th the volcano begin to spew even more ash and steam. No new news has been reported since the end of May.

Though debris became a huge problem, no real violent eruption took place. Even though this unfolded and the beginning of the month I wanted to wait till the end of May before the summary.

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