Summary of Prediction 24

Prediction 24 has happened.

Prediction 24 Celebration/Emergency, posted June 1, 2012 reads: The people wave their flags proudly in the crowd celebrating the event with jubilation . The happy event is stained by a terrifying emergency.

BBC News reported June 4, 2012:  Prince Philip in hospital and missing Diamond Jubilee concert. The Duke of Edinburgh has been taken to hospital with a bladder infection and will miss the rest of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The word terrifying is off, as the prince is in stable condition.



4 thoughts on “Summary of Prediction 24

  1. I would like to know what you see as far as space travel and exploration and whether we will come close to the achievements of our most beloved science fiction shows like Star Trek and its space ships and technology,altho Im pretty sure tranorters wont be real ever. : )

    1. As I work on these predictions I also work eagerly on what we are calling “Centuries” which are predictions that are 100s to 1000s years from now. We won’t post them till much later, it will be the second phase to what I do now, but with that I will say that future is all about space. You will have to wait for the details but it is very interesting and wildly sci fi like. The technology goes far beyond the Treky version.

  2. Thats very exciting to know,thank you.My dream is to see the need for money and wealth to disappear and for everyone to have whatever they want at no more than the cost of helping to build the future betterment of the human race and the world.Everything ought to be free to whomever wants it and everyone should be educated to the highest level possible.Imagine what we could accomplish if money and wealth meant nothing,precious metals and natural resources had no value except in the use of it in construction and the only thing that had value was the the life and future of of a person.Where could we go then with every single living person looking in the sam direction?One can only dream.

    1. Its not just the space exploration as well but all of the global darkness fades away like a fire turning to ash, with War being the first to go.

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