Iran School Girls Poisoned

World Predictions 1-6-20
What will Iran retaliate with? I asked Spirit
I had a visual of a clock running down 1:24, 1:23. ( The hour would be a month and minutes would be days.) This places their revenge right before or right after March
“They are lying.. lying! The water is poisoned and it is rampant. Your leadership justifies it because the poison is small and they don’t have a solution. Now the poison grows out of control and the race is on for a solution. “
I asked where and they pointed to multiple locations. Spirit implied it was a problem everywhere, but the degree of the problem shifted.
Later they implied the North East. But I am so switching to bottled water just in case.
I had a visual of dirty water running through pipes being consumed by humans.

World Predictions for Iran: 12-19-22
“The Child sacrificed like cattle.. Rage! Rage! Rage! Civil upheaval now Civil War”
I had a vision of a green room, with green stairs, and a green triangle center staged. Then on the steps of the green room, blood poured, staining the room.
“The Triangle will fall.”

Predictions 1-10-18
I had a visual of women marching as if protesting., then there was an explosion, the visual shifted to show blood on the streets.
I had a visual I was standing in a desert and people were hanging dead from above
I had a visual of hands reaching out, joining forces, uniting. “The oppressed minority will join forces, rally around each other, stand for each other against the oppressor.”
Iran: Things are going to fall apart in Iran. They allowed it

World Predictions 7-16-19
I had a visual of a weapon being carried deep underground. “Iran now set to have their weapon. Threats, threats, threats, are set in motion. The threat? Any attack on them will be met with the annihilation of Israel.”

Iran leadership has decided to sacrifice their children in the most ghastly way. It will be their undoing as the prediction says. The prediction implies water, but in the news the poison is in the air. Iran also have enough Uranium now to build a Nuclear Weapon, solidifying the other prediction as well. Then all of these other events around the world also happened:

I had a visual of outer-space. Then they showed a spacecraft a drift.
Either Spirit is implying a lost spacecraft or perhaps a crisis where astronauts are stuck.

Notes on 2-24-15

The Rescue mission to save the Astronaut’s stuck in space has lifted off.

Civil war you say? The violence is coming. The violence is coming soon. Scandal.. another one.. Russia. Bomber.. bomber.. coming soon.. I had a visual of a bomb being made, then it shifted to show a metropolis.

World Predictions 10-1-19

Bombs are falling in Russia and a Drone fell in Moscow.

I had a visual of a trash can, the trash can was filled with egg shells. I could visualized hands throwing the eggs away. Next to none left.

World Predictions 1-16-23

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