Reminder World Predictions 6-20-20

For the last 10 years Spirit has given us the infamous ”Zero” symbol to represent that a World Prediction is about to happen. You can see the message littered throughout our site. Now as we restructure in 2022 both this actual site and Spirits way of presenting the World Predictions. We aim to fix all errors with solutions. This is just one of many to come. They have replaced the ”Zero” With a simple message of which post ”620” is about to happen. Here is that post:

The World Predictions of June 20, 2020

In Ireland I had a visual of one massive spider crawling, it was twice the size of an average vehicle. The spider crawled down a rural street with houses in the background.  
Then I saw a dark figure consuming all light around him. There was a table behind him with Dublin cookies on a plate being presented.  Al-Baghdadi , Dylan Roof, and Harold Shipman where all seen as spiders. The range from serial killer to terrorist is an issue in narrowing down this message, however the spider is a sinister person or group committing the absolute worse acts of violence.  

“Economic collapse” — Spirit implied a nation who had economic concerns prior to Covid19 will now have an economic collapse. Later they implied Latin America.The president falls ill. I had a visual of one massively violent volcano  I need to verify location. The 21st marked.

Eric- It is my opinion that the Economic Collapse of Russia is coming or A President in our World will fall ill. Very soon. The error in the post, or question is ”Later they implied Latin America” but is that for the ill president? Moving forward we might want to consider separating their message so we don’t have to guess which one. On the flip side that would be a lot more posts for you to read.