Pope Cancels Trip To Africa

I had stacks and stacks of newspapers: When I opened them up it was all pictures of the Pope. In one picture he was waving at everyone, in another he was riding in a vehicle. The Pope will find himself the center of news in the near future.

World Predictions 5-18-22

This prediction has happened. A vague prediction about the Pope, but one that cements our shift towards predictions that happen in a matter of weeks, instead of years or months. Now the work we predict will happen soon after we predict it so we can start working on altering the dark messages in real time.

Previous Historical Prediction made all the way back in 2013, a World Prediction about another wonderful human being:

Around 57.. The great leader passes away.” I have to assume 57 would mean around the 5th a great or important leader passes away.

I had a visual of several different Flags from around the world all the flag poles next to each other, and all at half mast. The sky opened as well as if Spirit was paying their respects. “Its coming”

Notes on 7-3-13 Notes on 7-13-13

On December 5th 2013 Nelson Mandela passed away. No other leader I have predicted has had a send off so epic. A tip of the hat perhaps, but this was a moment I will cherish for a long time, a vision of such Grace for a man of such honor.

Also in the news of World Predictions: I had a vision of an old baseball rolling by.. perhaps a reminder of this World Prediction: World Predictions 4-18-22