Review of Predictions of 2018

On 1/1/18 we posted the word that would sum up the year 2018. One word. Along with that we wrote major events expected in 2018. Here is a post showing what has happened so far. To see the entire post click on the post below including the word that summed up 2017 that still resonates today, especially the “tapes” part of those predictions . 

World Predictions of 2018

The Word of 2018: Enough!

“Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments. From protest to all out violence, sudden shifts as new leaders rise.. and the old ones fall.” South America and Central America seem to be the core of this prediction.

They are also predicting one massive shift in who is running the nations of the world, some of which might carry over to 2019.

2018 has had several surprise shifts in leadership including Malaysia, Italy, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia. It was Malaysia that was a massive shift in policy and leadership. We still have the US and Brazil elections. But in most cases status quo is dead.

I had a visual of a large sheet of iron being made into a wall. “The Iron Curtain is back.”

I had visuals of civil war scenes. The civil war ranged from different centuries. Then the Spirits pointed to the middle east.

Though it has not happened Iran and Venezuela continue to be strong candidates of civil war as civil discord and protests continue. 

I had a visual I was jumping in the ocean from high up. Within the depths of the ocean was so many bodies, so much death. Then the visual shifted to show a Tsunami (we have predictions about that) then massive storms, then battleships. “So much death will have ties to the ocean”

I had a visual of a ship in the ocean and then one massive explosion.

In the US, so much of 2018 will mirror Nixon’s fall.

A quick view of 2019:

Geek is King! Ha! Computers, television, so archaic. The world is going through a massive shift as technology leaps beyond anything before. Oh how the world will change with on swipe.