Georgia Ex-President Poisoned

I had a visual of a white statue, in one hand she yielded a sword to her waist side, in the other was a bowl lifted. “Georgia.. Putin has plans to poison you. Take caution.”

World Predictions: Georgia Threat

“There have been claims made today, Monday, December 5, that Mikheil Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia has been ‘poisoned’ in prison.” Quoted by Euro Weekly

Other related predictions that have not happened yet.

“Next.. Poison”- Spirit voice. I had a vision of white vapor. The vapor moved slow and destroyed everything it touched. In the mist of this vision of endless white vapor, a figure walked out, Putin.

London.. Poison on the UK land. The Russians use a redundant tactic. I had a visual of one man wiping his leather gloved hands briefly over another as they passed, leaving a mark. Then from the halls and rooms of the UK government pure rage.

Circling back to the United States. A possible prediction about the Georgia Runoff unfolding. Right now the senate is split. We will see if 44 holds. Two blue would be the two Senate seats gained.

Spirit said in a previous post that the senate race would ‘split down the middle’ The key is 44. I had a visual that the Congress would turn blue. Then it shifted to show 2 in blue.

Predictions 11-6-18