Confederate Stone Mountain Soul Festival

World Predictions 5-19-23
I had a vision of two trees, rope extended from the trees, and hanging in the center of the two trees was the Confederate Flag. There was an ominous tone to the prediction. The vision shifted to show the tree trunk, then the rope, then the Confederate Flag. I felt in this moment I was in the South.
Then it shifted again, I was in Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, here in San Diego, a military base, where American Soldiers are put to rest including my late brother William. I began to walk the grass looking at all the headstones.

The image is below in the South of the US. It’s a stone. Not a headstone, but a memorial, for a military battle. Just like the prediction symbolically showed. There are even trees on each side. A concert is happening right now, at this Confederate Memorial called “Soul Fest” and we are concerned that a “Hanging” or something Ominous is around the corner.

The facts: Present by PA:

ATLANTA (AP) — “Civil rights groups and other advocates denounced a concert series with Black performers dubbed “Soul Fest” that is being held at a Georgia park replete with Confederate imagery, including a giant carving of Confederate leaders.

Stone Mountain Park just outside Atlanta is where the Ku Klux Klan marked its rebirth in 1915. Its colossal, mountainside sculpture of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson is the largest Confederate monument ever crafted and has special protection enshrined in Georgia law.

The park has taken steps in recent years to try to soften its Confederate legacy and promote itself as a family site amid declining revenue, but civil rights groups have said the moves fall way short of what’s needed.” Quoted.

2 thoughts on “Confederate Stone Mountain Soul Festival

  1. Hi Erick,

    I live in walking distance of Stone Mountain. It’s literally a mile from my apartment (from which I’m moving in a few days.) The area in general is stunningly beautiful and is a testament to man’s destruction and pollution of nature. The population of the district is about 7,000 and 95% BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color).

    There are always skirmishes at, around, and about Stone Mountain. People have had large fights there. I think you feel, like many of us feel, that there could be wide-scale trouble, an attack against Blacks, especially if Fani Willis indicts Trump. It’s also time for more violent backlash against Black at the hands of angry disenfranchised, privileged whites because of all of the political rhetoric. It’s the current macabre merry-go-round we humans are trapped on. I hope this ride ends soon and without too much blood. Sigh.


    1. Melissa,
      I worry about that too. There are so many lies going around online, such as ‘white replacement theory’, which implies non-white immigrants are coming to deliberately “replace” white Americans. Other lies paint gays and trans people as “child groomers” or say that Jewish people are secretly in charge of world finances or something….it’s scary. Such lies could lead to violence against people of color, gays, and Jewish people, and I’m suspicious that this prediction might reference coming violence….I hope I’m wrong, though.

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