Belgium Terrorist Found Guilty

The terrorist of the Belgium attacks have been convicted. May you find peace Brussels. Not that it fits in any way but the Will Smith slap is there too.

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  1. Eric,

    Is this more work of the Turtle? Bringing more Truths into the public arena?
    “Congress is getting frustrated with the lack of transparency over UAP sightings. So the subcommittee is using its overall charge of oversight and accountability to get some answers.”

    It has been suggested that the questioning will not end here. Congress are requiring answers to the accountability of Funding, a lack of oversight of such projects by the President and Congress and the fact that decisions may be being made by peoples and groups that may not be in the US National Interest.

    One can only expect that further investigation by the subcommittee will come up with no tangible evidence to warrant any further examination. Items in hangers will be relocated, coercion applied so any one who may have more details are forced to change their stories or state that what they had said was taken out of context.

    Good try Turtle, but methinks that it will come up empty handed again.

    1. I stay away from the alien conversation. I already sound insane. You have to know that 🤣 No need to add right? But! I know. You know I looked. I peeked. As a teenager. I totally went down the list of every single conspiracy (even Covid conspiracy later) to see. Is there anything there? 90% nothing at all. All BS. Except the this one. Except what is the biggest conspiracy of all. Three whoppers ended up having a weight to it.
      Fun fact from this insane man. We had a few a asteroids, and meteors in the last few years fly closely by our planet. One of them looked pickle like. Yeah… that was not Meteor at all, our sisters and brothers, much much older than us, are watching us. Those are cameras times a billion, floating by. Watching. A pact formed decades ago, and we are NOT honoring it.

  2. I agree with you; instead of aliens, it’s more important to focus on what human existence involves, i.e., on our current collective learning experience as humans (learning to love and respect our fellow beings, nature, etc.). Excessive focus on fascinating alien-related things may distract us from that goal, especially in a situation in which there’s a risk of impending human-caused mass death on the Earth (I’m referring to the predicted Red one).

    I’m by no means denying the existence of aliens / space brothers, just think that there are more pressing matters for us right now. By the way, either you or Pete once said that if a comet was hitting the Earth, they would prevent it, whereas we must prevent wars by ourselves. As you certainly have seen, a recurring apocalyptic theme in many world predictions of the 1990s used to be the Earth being hit and destroyed by a comet / cluster of comets (such as Niburu).

  3. For me, the key point here is not so much that there may be some kind of agenda, or cover up (which I personally believe there is), but what is frustrating is there may be technology that could be shared that could help us avoid the current climate crisis. Imagine, no more oil, no more pollutants in the air, no more truck/bus/car emissions.Abilities to control climate? Self-sufficiency? No more poverty or famines?
    For me, it seems to be an argument about Power and Control. Release of this information would threaten the elite’s economic power base. Wealth and knowledge shared across nations across peoples? A threat to every religious establishment? Suppression of this knowledge and by whom is at a level that is beyond. Another Government over the top of Congress.

  4. Since alien encounters and sightings are indeed very exceptional events, for me this is proof that the time is not (yet?) ripe for their interaction with the general public on a larger scale. I feel we are learning here certain lessons in a predefined environment, and their larger or more visual presence at this point would risk to interfere with that. Another question is whether all of them represent the “light” side of creation: think about abductions and alleged cattle mutilations, etc. So, this topic would require a lot of careful study, but, as I said, it would also risk to distract us from more urgent matters. Most probably, beneficial technological solutions provided by “aliens” will be adopted in the future, as described by Eric.

    1. A very valid counter argument. Humanity is not ready for this. If we can’t sort ourselves out, how can we be ready for a much broader exposure such as this.
      What does annoy however, is that some black ops group has got some kind of story about this, collected evidence etc and in all likelihood a wrong or incomplete perspective, and it is this human-side group that is suppressing the information for their own nefarious ends.
      As one Congressman put it, if this was an advanced group that could manage to gain the technology and knowhow to fly zillions of light years from some remote star, how was it that they didn’t have fail safes to prevent a simple landing accident. It doesn’t add up.
      I’ll end my comments on this thread, I agree, this isn’t the time for disclosure, but the power plays still do peeve me.

      1. The ancient societies have very specific rules of Non interference. Any one that breaks them is dealt with overwhelmingly force, actually plan to share that story. “The legend of the Ancient Ones” You think these Angels just sit in heaven. No! They move back and forth. They literally live out there in Space. Traveling back and forth from heaven to the cosmos. They are in charge.
        Crashing alien ships? On one end of the spectrum is one epic alien empire, totally massive and ancient, on the other end is a budding empire. We are on the road between the two, and inevitably there will be an accident on their freeway, with all that traffic. Our solar system is their pit stop. Nothing to do with Earth. It actually has to do with another planet or moon in our solar system. One that has fuel or food for them. It’s one of the big planets too. A moon with water on it! Fun fact, most moons hold excessive bounty.
        I always know when traffic is happening because they always throw a meteor or asteroid our way. On the asteroid they have these small ball orbs on the meteor, that are cameras by millions. They then scatter the orbs on our planet. All so they can travel undetected and report back what humanity is doing.
        Something tangible there. Line it up, when we have all this alien activity, was there a meteor before the moment?
        It’s also important that this part of space is the nursery. Toddlerville. So they don’t plan to visit ‘humanity’ but all the other animals, animals they see with equal intent as you. They need help too.
        Our leaders, are exactly playing their role. It isn’t their is some big secret. It’s just they don’t want that headache. That would be opening a messy door. Best to shut it.

    2. There are rules out there. The biggest of all is Non interference. Thats a story we plan to share “The Legend of the Ancient ones.” . With that said. Humanity is like the lion at the zoo. No way do they go up and play with the hungry mean lion, they are very comfortable observing “everything” at a distance with binoculars

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