White Phosphorus Rains on Bakhmut

World Prediction: 10-29-22
“Next.. Poison”- Spirit voice.
I had a vision of white vapor. The vapor moved slow and destroyed everything it touched. In the mist of this vision of endless white vapor, a figure walked out, Putin.I don’t know which is worse a tyrant that wins, or this tyrant that is losing and now going to an even more evil place out of desperation. We are expecting poison. Either Putin really is planning a chemical attack, or this is a reminder of an older prediction that has not happened yet. Why is it white?

This World Prediction has happened. Prayers for all those on the ground floor. What horror.

World Prediction 2-21-23
The walls of the Kremlin crack, the basic needs lacking, from bolts, to bullets, to medications, the wall cracks.
Failure imminent.
I had a visual I was staring at the world, below me was Europe. “NATO Prevails.. they become the dominate power of the world, making them fat and arrogant.”
Spirit what happens to Putin? I had a visual of a man on his knees facing the wall. Then a pistol was put against the mans neck, the trigger pulled, blood sprayed in the air, the man fell to the floor.

Failure Imminent? Failure has arrived. They are planning to retreat.

4 responses to “White Phosphorus Rains on Bakhmut”

  1. TW Longtime Lurker Avatar
    TW Longtime Lurker

    White phosphorus should not be used. This saddens me. I’m glad this will be over soon.

  2. anitah Avatar

    Will this be over? And Ukraine gets peace and justice?

  3. Itk Avatar

    The recent developments in Russia are getting interesting. Prigozhin has now broken the last taboo: https://mind.ua/en/news/20257128-a-happy-old-man-thinks-everything-is-fine-prigozhin-complains-about-lack-of-ammunition-and-calls

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That horror definitely played out like they predicted. Makes me want to vomit. All so much evil.

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