The Language of The Spiritual Realm, Answers to the Riddles.

Spirits are visual creatures, always watching, always observing. But they don’t live here and more importantly they aren’t tied to this timeline. So understand they look at visual cues. Look at what we are doing from a visual perspective. Always watching like birds perched in a tree looking down. Recognize the visual acts with every message:

The Sun rises and then falls. The leader now gone. The young one petulant to the moment.

A visual image of the sun. The flag of Japan, literally placed by the Shinzo Abe ashes. The man who killed Shinzo Abe, did it because his mother was defrauded, not by Shinzo, but the religious group he follows, making the assassin bad tempered, sulky, Petulant. He is not young that was wrong, but he does look young. The prediction would be scrapped right before the post, because it opinion felt inappropriate while everyone mourned the loss.

From that place that worships leaves, the ground cracks like a tundra of frozen ice.

Canada! I tried to explain the word Worship is the wrong word to use. They countered by pointing out what they visually saw, that maple leaf is everywhere in Canada, not just on the flag, but on hats, walls, shirts, buses, buildings, everywhere. A visual icon in their opinion.

The fruit holds the key, let the shiny brick speak.

Let’s start with a fun fact. Computers don’t look like this at all in the future. It’s a ring on your finger, and the price tag is equal to a car, but it does everything and I mean everything. So here is a fairly new Spirit, who sees a brick and a piece of fruit on its back and describes it as such.

I had a visual of a ceiling fan, then one light came on, under
the fan, and another, and a third, but the fourth was off. Meanwhile the fan blades moved with such vigorous speed.

You are the fan! Very much a pun. It’s all about you, we all have goals and theirs is to illuminate you. We want to show you there is something more than what you can see with your eyes. Bloggers success is based on the clicks. We are doing very well with 1000s a day, but that is not Spirits main objective, they want to open your eyes, they want to bring light to your darkness, always trying to illuminate. Then they will show light bulbs to say.. We Got One! This is us marking our success in bringing light to you. The faster the fan blades the more people are on the World Prediction site.

Late at night as I work with Spirit and my mind wants to sleep, they would say: “Waves! Stop with the waves Eric, Stop that.. put the wave down or you will fall. That red wave is going to be your undoing.”

Red Wave. Visual in every way and because my focus wasn’t on my health, they were right, it became my undoing.

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8 responses to “The Language of The Spiritual Realm, Answers to the Riddles.”

  1. T Avatar

    Soooo, how are they visual if they are spirit? Could they not just talk through you and you could be their instant translator (fruit and shiny brick = apple phone)?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am a bit confused by your message? I am their translator. I am the bridge between two very different places. Through me? Like spirit taking over me?

      1. T Avatar

        Yes you are, but to me it sounds like your are pulled into the visions, you become part of it. I guess I’m talking more about a possession or mediumship, spirit takes your body and mind over and thus instantaneously has access to the right language. Look, I’m just trying to understand this process, so we can cut down on the riddles and get more concrete information. Sometimes spirit talks to me too, but through a KNOWING, no visuals or words. I’m just wondering how we can get more concrete language.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I hear you, your talking about a “physical spiritualist” they pull at the Spiritual force and bring that force here. Various Faiths like Santa Maria and Hoodoo are heavy with this act. Unfortunately that is not me, though I know many of physical spiritualist especially Shaman Monks in Central America and healers in LA, I am a mental psychic.
          It is all reflective, all reflections of moments that have not happened yet. So think of it like a cave having an echo. The voice goes out hits a wall and bounces back. We are just standing by the wall and listening to what is coming next, like reflective water. I have learned how to make that reflection clear which makes it seem like I am there, But even though it might be clear it’s still smoke, it’s still an echo, still un tangible.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Let’s talk about you. Because Spirit just chirped in my ear, over your efforts and wants very much to advise. Write it all down, every drop, every message, I hold a book everywhere I go and any and all messages are written. Especially the gut feeling, the tones.
          Practice makes perfect, the more practice the more you get deeper and deeper with detail. When you start it’s all gut intuition. It’s a feeling a tone, but the more connected you are the details roll in.
          So write it because you are doing two things:
          You are showing (visual creatures) with your book you want to communicate. Just the act alone sends a message. Make it one specific book.
          Second answers your question, writing it down teaches you their language. Because each symbol has its own meaning, and with every prediction you match the language up to reality and your learning a new language.

        3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The Oracle of Delphi 500 bc said Spirit “Never Reveals or conceals but Indicates” that’s the power. That’s it in a nutshell.That is the goal and Spirit leans in that direction. They are not hear in any way to give you concrete information. They do not want to interfere with your choices. They are simply hear to indicate, to help, to warn. To push you in the right direction. We here at world predictions are stretching that understanding and pushing the limits of what the future “indicates” with as close to concrete as it gets.
          But they refuse at any turn, an act, that might infringe on free will or choice.
          It’s like parents who indicate how you should do your homework, but does not want to do it for you, because you don’t learn anything that way.

        4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          One last message. So as you receive gut instinct, intuition of tone, Spirit reflecting an emotion, lean in on “What is indicated” here, like a woody wood pecker. Keep pecking and pecking.
          I recent was standing in line at a store and suddenly I felt the person behind, I felt nasty, sick, nauseous.
          So I cleared my thoughts and leaned in to ask for more clarity give me more indications, and heard “Thief”
          Try that the next time you get a message. Because indication is key.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Was there was another hidden message in what you wrote about the Tanks…. “Many predicted the Amy of tanks would sink in the lake”. The ice breaks… a double message about the timing of things as the thaw of moving from winter to spring to summer sets in for Ukraine? Gold under the ice = happy times being suppressed?

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