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I promised you a daily journal. We even rebuilt this site to create a mail like image. Then I had a small hiccup, I had a ruthless heart attack, followed by infamous Covid, then everyone got Covid, then Bea got Pneumonia after Covid. It threw my plans pretty much out the window. But I have returned with a very unique message to start our new Journal. An explanation of my talent. Our Journal finally begins. Cross your fingers for no more hiccups.

Recently I ran across one of my neighbors who introduced me to another neighbor, who said “Is this him? Is this the man who talks to the dead?” I just responded by saying yes thats me. It is what I do. I communicate with those that have passed as well as Spirit, individuals that have never actually lived on earth but oversee it from a distance. But there is this itch inside of me to correct this person. There is this desire to say, “Actually talking to the dead isn’t my talent at all, talking to the Spiritual realm is just a product of the actual gift.” Let me explain it better.

Someone recently approached me and said: “Can you check on my health?” They had their hand out. Anyone that knows me personally, knows that they can check their health this way. So I take her hand. The second I do, I immediately feel a latch, I can no longer see anything but a vision, first nothing but swimming in blood, and if your sick with any type of blood issues I will probably pick it up, then as I quickly travel through the blood, a separate vision appears. I am in a forest, the ground is wet, the brush is wet, the leaves are dripping wet, and there are spider webs everywhere. Then the vision shifts and it pans back to show a hospital bed and I could hear breathing, endless breathing. But it did not sound good at all. Then I returned. I always serve the craft first. That is one of their most important rules, so there will be no sugar coating what I am about to tell her. “You need to go see a doctor. Your lungs are wet.” She explains that she too had Covid and is worried because the cough isn’t going away. She went to the doctor later that day.

Give me your full name and date of birth, and the minute I see it and close my eyes, I travel through the sky with such speed, then call it a flavor, call it a scent. I will pick up what you are producing in the Universe. Maybe your struggling with work, stuck in life, maybe your pure evil, or maybe your pure joy on tap, maybe success is just around the corner. You emulate an energy to the universe that I can see.

But this link doesn’t require Spirit. The Spirits aren’t there when I touch your hand. Nor do I need them when I meditate in the middle of the canyon absorbing all the pure energy around me. So what exactly is the talent?

Its the link. A link to the Spiritual realm, A link to you. A link to the Universe and this planet. The visions have described it in many forms, sometimes in visions it is described as plugs or cords. Most commonly it is described as antlers of a deer that glow and are attached to a glowing universe. You will hear Spirit say: Eric you need to plug into that. Disconnect from that Eric. I have had vision on how to properly connect and disconnect. It is maintaining the link that has ensured my success, my ability to speak to Spirit is a product of this link. So I spend hours daily making sure that ‘Link’ is operating soundly. How do I do that? A conversation for tomorrow.

Personal Reading with Eric Leigh-Pink

Personal Readings are available to everyone in the world. One of the things that we need to clarify is the difference between Personal readings with Eric and my World Predictions. Personal Readings is like Tea and cookies with you sweet Grandma who wants to give you every piece of advice you could imagine, these world predictions are more in line with a stiff whisky that makes your mouth pucker, and leg kick as you swallow that oh so bitter information.

17 responses to “World Predictions and Eric’s Daily Journal with Spirit”

  1.  Avatar

    are there people where you have not been able to see visions?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes. If your unwelcoming, rude, or angry, it seems to block it. Also its not all the time. It works like a spinning top, the more I use the gift the more it spins, so when I am not using it at all, I am picking up much less.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Also the Spirits protect me at all cost. So they will block information that might hurt me.

  2. Mullah madrasi Avatar
    Mullah madrasi

    Ok great

  3. Shannon Avatar

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! Thanks Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am writing it right now 😀. That way should be ready in morning.

  4. Barbara Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear about your ill health. I have missed seeing your insights and we are lucky you are here again.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you.

  5. Maura Avatar

    I am so fascinated by mediums and clairvoyants and how they get their information and what they see and hear from spirit, what a gift from God you have Eric.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I always get very emotional when the radio plays the drummer boy song during Christmas because the story of this nobody, this poor kid who just happens to run into something beyond awesome and serve that divine force, just wow. What a privilege it is to play my drums.

  6. Sharon Avatar

    I love this journal so far! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you

  7. Tirin Avatar

    Stock Market Crashed today (or could be smoke & mirrors), hard to tell these days.

  8. Sara Avatar

    Have you ever read someone, found out they’ve done horrible unsolved crimes and then reported them to police?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not they way your describing. I do case work. So yes I look into some seriously shady people. Wow people can do some crazy nightmares. But these are cases, the clients asking about those cases are actually lovely people.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Fun fact we did prevent horrible crimes from happening, just enough to count on one hand but I could die tomorrow with that accomplishment in hand. Oh how I wish I could share that, but those are personal moments for some of my most cherished friends and clients.

  9. Scott Avatar

    Thank you for all you do Eric, one day I would like to get a reading and connect to spirit, hopefully that would erase some of my doubts.

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