The Day in the Life of Eric Leigh-Pink

No one can ever say my life was a bore. We are so past that. So I thought I would take a break from all the doom and gloom I predict and share one of my stories. A sort of day in the life of Eric. I begin the day at 3am in search of an answer “What is the trajectory of the coming Hurricane?” .. I get nothing but static. I do get the feeling its the gulf we are talking about. But no information. This happens at times. As I start to dose off I suddenly have a vision:

I am in my office the lavender is burning, the candles are lit, then I go through my back door, to the ally way in the back, suddenly the back door slams shut and blowing in the wind in front of the door is a yellow slip, envelop size, with the word “Warning” written on it, I try and reach for it as it waves in the wind, I catch it, and it turns to ash.

I suddenly wake up. “That has nothing to do with a hurricane.” I thought. Then my mind went wild with ideas on its meaning. My detective side kicked in as I tried to analyze the message. The lavender was burning, candles burning, that would only happen if I was working, but the back door is never slammed shut? Then a ‘warning’ blowing in the wind in the ally of the back of my door, my house? A threat in the back? You see it would have to be something fairly important for them to put a hold on the World Predictions, to put a hold on all messages. A message that either infringed on one of their Spiritual laws, or something so dire they need to put everything on hold.

The day has now started, I didn’t get any messages except one. Sometimes I get waves of endless information, sometimes a peep. This one message makes me concerned.

The day started with a snag, my readings begin at 8am, and the kids needed to be dropped off school. So Bea who was still recovering from pneumonia after our horrible Covid incident was not in the best of health to be driving kids to school. So she recommended going through the back, a short cut through the house, through my office. Which is fine. As long as the reading is not disturbed. But suddenly I felt a breeze over my neck, was this the warning.. No there is no threat here?

So off we all went, the kids went to school and I lit my candles and burned the lavender, the reading was going well, like symphony music playing, the violins spelled their message to a wonderful client of mine, one who has been with me from the beginning of all this. Suddenly as I was in a vision for the client I came back to my office, and their was Axle.

Axle is a guard, One of four guards that protect the entire group of Spirits I serve. He is the leader of the group, and in many ways head of security. Any spirit wanting to connect with me must go through them or our boss Macabe, this in turn protects me from the darkness. It is a way to ensure that when we do world predictions the information we are receiving is genuine. Even my beloved brother Harry has to go through them to get to me. So if we aren’t doing world predictions right now, why is Axle standing in front of me interrupting my reading? Now Axle is huge, a giant, the size of a house. Because of the vision earlier I made a point to leave the back door wide open, and I see Axle lean down and point to the left, then suddenly all the Spirits pointed left with Axle and I heard a voice “Eric!”

I went outside phone in hand, there was Bea stuck in the middle, of the road, her legs clasped, she had reached a state of exhaustion, she looked like she was ready to fall over and quickly asked for a wheel chair. Now the Spirits were floating directly above me, “You should hurry Brother.” Diana said.

Diana is the bold Spirit, our Pirate Spirit, gritty, strong willed, and gives the most accurate blunt predictions. Her predictions are some of the most famous ones, both in World Predictions and personal readings.

I grabbed the chair, from the back, wheeled it from behind her, and just as she sat down Marcus dressed in his perfectly pressed Rod Serling 50s style suit, who floated above me, held out a yellow slip, let it go and it turned to ash. Then I wheeled her quickly inside while telling my client I will have to call her back. Bea was trying to take a short cut back in but underestimated her recovering cough. As I wheeled her in the living room there was our Spiritual General calmly standing in the living room, he was in full general garb which means he had more important places to be and is just poking his head here in the Leigh-Pink house, making sure Bea was Ok, Macabe glanced at me and then clarified the moment. This was a moment touting one of their most prized Spiritual laws.

“Family first, family first always and forever.” Macabe said.

“Yes it is boss. Yes it is indeed.” I smiled and went back to work

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  1. Glad to hear you got to Bea in time Eric, how is she doing now? Amazing the help you had from the Spirit world, it sounds so comforting to know you’re being so well looked after!

    1. We believe she has that long Covid where her lungs aren’t going back to normal. But she is doing much better from that day. Thanks. We are very blessed.

  2. Wow. So glad you got to Bea in time Eric. Have friends who are taking a very long time to get over Covid. Lots of rest and going it slowly seems to be the only answer. Hope she recoups quickly. Pete

          1. Ok well my take is the absence of light, serenity, compassion for others, humour, stillness and peace of the soul. On the sunniet of days there are those who see darkness, while others see light on the darkest of nights.
            The light that shines the brightest for me is not what is outside of me, but what is inside my psyche. And this to me is my spiritual belief, my Guidance and my acceptance that as I walk out side right now, with the light shining brilliantly within …. I could still get hit by a bus. So what?
            Darkness and light are perceptions I believe that we spend our lives fathoming out.

            Hope that come some way towards explaining my perspective.

            Eric’s turn now *Chuckle*.

            1. YES!!! The Spirits describe me as the moon. At my best day I am the full moon. They describe God and Heaven as the distant Sun shining light everywhere, It is my job, my role, to reflect their light, just as the moon does, not my light, but theirs. If done right it will be a bright light. Just as it is with Pete.

              1. I tend to keep clear of the moon analogy: Half the folks around alre

                But seriously, yes we true followers of the Light see our Gifts as reflections of the Source. And just like any channel, we have to be clean of any contaminants, hence why like you, I use cleansing kinds of rituals.
                Coming from a Catholic ideology, many, many moons ago (very active moon this morning lol), I like this particular statement of a favourite channeler, St. Francis of Assisi:
                “I have been all things unholy. If (the Light) can work through me, (It) can work through anyone.” Pete

                1. Wow, what happened there:
                  “I tend to keep clear of the moon analogy: Half the folks around already call me a lunatic. I tell them I’m their strange but harmless neighbout. *Chuckle*

                2. Wow what happened there:
                  I tend to keep clear of the moon analogy: Half the folks around here already think I’m a lunatic. I tell them I’m their strange but harmless neighbour *chuckle*.

      1. If the question is for me: The “Darkness” is there description of evil. They don’t prescribe to what we see as evil. So I try and stay away from the word, however sometimes they do use it. There definition is very different. More in the field of lost souls who need to be found again, beings lost in the dark. Consumed by their own darkness. But to them there always seems to be an air of salvation.

  3. That was so lovely. I loved how everyone teamed together for Bea. Best wishes for her recovery and health.

  4. It’s special to get direct messages. I was warned in a dream to check the carbon monoxide levels in my house upon waking. I called the gas people and it was confirmed I had had dangerous levels. The gas man asked me how I knew given it has no obvious signs and when I said I’d been warned in my dream, he didn’t know what to say!
    Saved mine and my young children’s life’s a the time.

    All the best to Bea.

    1. mk,
      Yikes, carbon monoxide is a serious threat. Thank goodness for your dream, and whoever sent it!

      1. One thing I’ve always been curious about is how does someone tell whether their warnings/gut feelings are real? I have anxiety issues, and I often get nervous or scared about certain things, only for nothing to happen. How do you tell a real spiritual warning apart from fear or an overactive imagination?

        1. If your receiving a vision it feels different. Consider how your thoughts work. They move like a river from one thought to another. Like a flowing stream of constant thoughts. Spiritual messages are invasive, hostile, like a tsunami of thoughts coming in, the vision itself almost comes in fast forward, quick, intense like a roller coaster. Then it ends suddenly. So it doesn’t carry that free flowing stream. So if your getting a vision in the middle of the night, it won’t be a free flowing thought, it will come on you, and when the thought is done, you will most likely think, where did that come from??.. Invasive.
          Your right, as a child I had issues separating my own thoughts with what I assumed where visions. But then I started to write them down. I carry a book around with me everywhere I go with me, anytime they talk I write it down. Everyone that knows me makes fun of the book. There is actually stacks of books of just endless notes, some of them thoughts, some of them messages, but it taught me how to separate them, how to see the difference. I still make the error once in awhile.

          1. Love that description Eric. I’m not a visualiser, but more a trance medium so I’m like a multiple personality …. some say I have a multiple personal disorder *Chuckle*.
            But you’re right, that even when in conscious trance, the difference between my own thoughts and those of the Higher order, are as you described.
            And I absolutely agree about writing things down.
            Two ‘musts’ in my opinion. One is to spend time at least once a day in meditation, as you and I both do, and second, is to write or type everything down that we receive, even if we think it’s just our imagination. Time will show the difference.
            We are all getting much closer to direct interaction with The Higher Order. Some will visualise, some with hear and some will speak in trance form.
            Love your comment mate, and fully agree.

            1. Eric and Pete, you both have truly amazing gifts. Whilst the benefits of meditation to calm the mind cannot be understated, it takes a lot of effort and commitment to gain the level of insight and wisdom that you two have. You were both born with very special abilities that have been with you forever, I guess that it is in your DNA.

              I’m sure it did bring some personal hurdles over time in gaining acceptance of your talents in society.

              For the rest of us who struggle with Connection, the value of writing things down cannot be understated. Sometimes I find mind mind going out of control with thoughts of things I need to do go around and around my mind just before I go to sleep to the point I just cannot get to sleep. I get up, write everything down, clear my mind then that allows me to go back and get some sound sleep.

              Writing things down and doing a brain dump helps your brain get on and get things done, as opposed to spending effort trying to remember everything you have to deal with. I would suggest it could be a good preparation technique to do just before you do start to do a meditation session to clear your mind.

              1. Hi Steve, I didn’t put a lot here because it is Eric’s site and I totally respect it. However, I have put a whole page to the matter of meditation, particularly what I call the Three Five Meditations. And you’re right, cleansing and clearing the mind is paramount, not trying to become a psychic. The link to the meditation page is at the end of any of my regular Blogs. Pete

                1. Hi Eric, hope you don’t mind. Here is a link for Steve to the new Three Five Meditation break down. It ‘s about seven pages long and contains as much as I think most people would want to know about simple, relaxing meditation through to it’s use for psychic development. Pete

  5. Leighpink! So glad to hear your ma is ok! At least someone’s keeping you on your toes😜. Seriously- read the article and it made me reach out to my pop asap! When you’ve time call me. Still here at Jackie’s for a bit longer and planning on heading back east.

  6. Axle sounds like he drinks a lot of milk to be that tall (just a fun tease), and he has a interesting and rare name too.

    Also I learned something about Ghosts some weeks ago I didn’t think they were capable of it, but they somehow can light candles even when there is no heat source. I thought you only see that horror movies, but turns it can actually happen.

  7. Hi Eric and Bea. As they say, forearmed is forewarned. I’ll let this article speak for itself:

    “So you’ve had COVID and have now recovered. You don’t have ongoing symptoms and luckily, you don’t seem to have developed long COVID.
    But what impacts has COVID had on your overall immune system?
    It’s early days yet. But growing evidence suggests there are changes to your immune system that may put you at risk of other infectious diseases.”
    “International evidence suggests changes to our immune cells after SARS-CoV-2 infection may have other impacts. It may affect our ability to fight other viruses, as well as other pathogens, such as bacteria or fungi.”

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