Copenhagen Mall Shooting

I had a visual of a radical man wearing a flag of red and white on his back. He was a radical mad man who was making horrible plans

I had a visual of bullets shells next to cut roses. Then Spirit reminded me of a previous prediction. They also reminded me this is a trilogy.

“These attacks are about to start up again. another one..”

Notes on 1-25-15  Notes on 12-31-14 Notes on 1-16-15  

This prediction has happened. Prayers and Roses for those of you across the pond. We feel you pain in America. It needs to end. Together perhaps all of us can solve it.

The Facts :

“July 4 (UPI) — The man suspected of shooting three people dead at a Copenhagen mall has been charged with manslaughter as Danish police said he suffered from mental illness and provided updates on the people injured.”

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  1. Itk Avatar

    I have a strong impression of having seen one previous message with the text “…Denmark…”, referring to a terror attack. I looked for it using the Search function above, but I couldn’t find it. Do you remember this case?

  2. anitah Avatar

    Trilogy… more to come? This was not exactly a terror attack..

  3. Itk Avatar

    It’s possible that the parade shooting in the US on 4 July is the continuation:

  4. adventuresofashton Avatar

    The Japanese flag is red and white correct? I think this prediction fits what happened tonight with their previous PM being shot at a campaign event.

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