World Predictions 6-3-22

Sorry everyone we are experimenting, same information, twice done.

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  1. psychic chris Avatar
    psychic chris

    how will the us and japan respond?

  2. Sara Avatar

    Does this refer to an actual China-takes-over-Japan invasion, or more of a threatening airspace violation?

    Canada’s recently complained about Chinese military planes buzzing their aircraft in international waters, sometime within the past few months. China’s military has also been making close passes near Taiwan’s airspace.

    1. psychic chris Avatar
      psychic chris

      to me it sounds like china will attack and invade japan, sorry to be the bearer of bad news

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I don’t see that this was more tit for tat, perhaps your seeing something later?

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very tit for tat. So no I do not see an invasion but a poke to see what America might do.

  3. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog: Some Deep Questions On Creation And The Universe By A Regular Reader.

    1. Samanthas Avatar

      Hope not my any time soon my son is deployed in Japan until September 🥺

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Praying for holy protection onto your son.

  4. Fabian Avatar

    Oh come on China! Why not just focus on your country and not on other nations?! I wanted to visit Japan and China, but geez!! This world has gotten to the point where you just have to stay in your own room!

    Hopefully it’s not a full-on invasion though by the looks of this prediction it probably is…😢😢😢

  5. dungai Avatar

    When do you think it will happen? what is a mock invasion? will they be invading the coastlines or all the way to tokyo? will they be killing people or what? How long will they be occupying japan? What is the point of this whole thing, I just dont get it?

    I really hope this prediction wont happen in my/our parallel universe!

    So many people are waiting for japan to open the borders including me! Its such a lovely country.

    Please Eric maybe ask for more information? I dunno what else to say, this blog post really upset me.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      My honest opinion is China will send a fleet of planes directly into Japan airspace all the way to the edge. Then at the edge scramble, a message saying.. we can at any minute strike, but then publicly say it was an exercise gone wrong.

  6. Shannon Avatar

    No apologies necessary for experimenting Eric! We appreciate you!

  7. francinesmith1 Avatar

    Russia and China already had jets get too close to Japanese airspace at the end of May, forcing Japanese jets to scramble:

    Russia’s army seems pretty fragile right now, but maybe Putin has a stronger part of the military that he is holding back. If so, I wonder where and for what he intends to use them, and in conjunction with China? A joint invasion?

    1. anitah Avatar

      Putin and some others seem to want the world war. Putin would like to invade whole Europe and destroy the West..Ukraine is the victim to use, to break the world order and peace..

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes. I am expecting a repeat but more aggressive.

      1. lands11 Avatar

        Is there a global food shortage coming? Famine 2022?

      2. Itk Avatar

        Eric, do you think I am on the right track if I resume the future of this conflict in the following timeline?
        1. Russia will suffer a humiliation and/or a very limited victory, gaining only some territory in Ukraine.
        2. Russia will face serious internal problems after the war, and Putin exists the scene. The Russian threat disappears for some time, and Belarus regains much of it independence and political oppression ends.
        3. Along with Putin’s successor, there will be a sort of truce with the West and attempts by Russia to normalize the relations to save the economy – and to get the money back.
        4. In some time, an evil person steps in in Russia and wants to take a revenge on the West for the humiliation in Ukraine and the sanctions that ruined the country (etc.).

  8. Sara Avatar

    We’ve still got the North Korea becoming part of China prediction, which will give them a strategic edge in that region.

    Have you gotten anything about a Chinese submarine off the east coast striking New York in the future, possibly before or during WW3? Because I’ve heard this from someone who remote views. Maybe it’s nothing and just a possible scenario depending on which path/timeline we take in the future.

  9. Itk Avatar

    Russia has hit Kiev with missiles:
    However, so far, there has been no major devastating hit, in the sense of the one depicted by Eric, but this may change anytime: this may be a prelude to something worse.

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