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Do your remember the first time reading these World Predictions and thought, wait there is something here? Do you remember the first time talking with Eric and realizing, this message has weight in my life. You felt them. You couldn’t see anything, but you knew something was there? Someone was helping. Someone was guiding. That feeling. That tone. What color was it? What image came to your mind? What was it? How did it make you feel? I am asking all of you to describe that specific moment to me. This above all things is what we need to captivate here on our site, ’Tone’, so that all of our ghastly messages will be heard. Please share your experiences here on the comment section, so we can captivate the right tone.

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  1. I remember the first time I tuned in to read your world predictions. It was truth 25 about seeing loved ones when we pass. May 2020. A beloved close family member had passed two or three months before and I was in a state of shock and sadness. I came across this truth and read with great interest as no one wants to say goodbye. It was the very first time I had ever decided to send a message via internet sites and I asked the question ‘can our love ones hear us when we speak to them’. To my surprise You replied ‘yes they can absolutely’. It gave me the greatest of comfort amongst the tears. After that I tuned in every few days (still do) and am always amazed, even now, when I see that predictions have come true. (I can recognise them now). So my memory is not about a prediction per se but about perhaps having the need ( or being lead even) to read a truth at the right time.
    Kindest regards

    1. God bless you Chris! I believe those in “The Beyond” can do anything God allows them to do.

  2. Yes, I remember everything! Then to know most of it was true! Scary at first then accepting the spirits word! God bless you all!

  3. I have been a regular reader since 2013 (I suppose); in any case, I started some time before Russia’s first invasion in Ukraine (2014). I don’t remember the exact date, but it was in the prediction that said ‘the spider is moving now’ (or similar) and there was a mention of ‘crackers’. First, I didn’t quite understand the symbolism, but later on I found a glossary of the terms used to depict different kinds of events. I don’t know how I ended up on the site; I feel now it was destined to happen. By the way, back then, the website was called World Wide Predictions. I must say I’m constantly impressed by the great accuracy of Eric’s predictions: I still remember reading the predictions about the rise of Isis and Covid and then witnessing how they came true – it was amazing!

    By contrast, my first contact with Eric is quite recent, in the form of an email about another website, which I had concluded is nowadays channeling disinformation. When I put my doubts about that other website in a message, that clarified my thoughts and mixed feelings.

  4. I have been reading you many years ago when i started looking for deeper knowledge of our world and the afterlife, i remember i was one of the people who suggested a name when you renamed your blog.
    I was and still am very interested in your predictions and i am always waiting for the truths you were uploading!
    I believe the spirits are trying to make it easier to understand for everyone who is reading you and probably we all have a role to play that’s why we found our selfs here.
    I think that no matter what we all do some people can’t see, read, or believe because they aren’t ready for this!
    As you said once you were in the Oracle of Delphi so somehow we are connected as i am Greek in this life! So possibly you are connected with the other people in here!

  5. The moment for me, the one that gave me the feeling of “oh sh**… this can’t be…”, was when you predicted the name of the parkland shooter, Nick, and I was watching the news giving the name of the shooter as Nikolas Cruz. My jaw dropped and I went back to your site to read it again, because some time had gone by since the prediction, and I wanted to confirm.
    That for me was the moment I knew I had to share your website with my family.
    On a more funny note, we called you the day before starting a road trip to move to Denver, and the first thing out of your mouth was “do you guys moved to Colorado?”. Like someone we both knew gave u the news before us. But no one of this world for sure.

    1. Thank you. We have had a few of those name prediction, the one that shocked me was Chris Watts prediction, : Notes on 10-14-14 I had a visual of a picture of a woman smiling. “Chris, Christina, she was missing, the husband did it.”
      In fairness thats my other job, case work bleeding into World Predictions. The readings do that too. I will be saying I pick up a large storm for you??? In the place you live? And then I tell the Spirits.. Hey! This is not time to do World Predictions, stick to the personal reading.

  6. Eric, I think our first reading involved a whole roomful of people wanting to communicate on the other side. You said WOW that is a lot of people for you wanting to communicate! I had warm feelings of lots of love from the other side. Caring guiding love. I would say the color was gold. A warm golden hue. Like sunshine. So much caring and so much guidance and advice. I also get feelings of warm purple hues in readings like approaching spiritual royalty. It’s humbling to me that Spirit would even communicate with us. I feel as if you are communicating with real royalty in a reading. It’s humbling and I am thankful. Just my impression. Like approaching a king.

      1. Thanking you and Spirit! Please keep doing your work. I know it must be very stressful at times. Emotionally and physically hard too! Very thankful for finding the site.

  7. Eric, Thing that grabbed me was when Obama was president, pulling troops out of the Middle East and there was a prediction on the site about a huge spider crawling across Syria. “This is crazy,” I thought, “what is this guy going on about?” Then ISIS came on the scene…
    What really clinched it after that was the disappearing Malaysian Airlines plane in the Indian Ocean. Your guides insisted there was going to be another one but couldn’t get you to understand the location. Then the Malaysian Airlines plane was downed in The Ukraine. Incredible!

    1. I agree the rise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the great spider really didn’t get the focal point some of the less accurate predictions do. Hugo in the moment when you saw that plane on the news. What did you feel was over there in the spiritual realm. What feelings, colors, moods, did you imagine was sharing this dark message.

      1. Hi Eric,
        I’m sorry I didn’t get any colours. Maybe just greyed out muted ones. But the overriding feeling was frustration. They were trying to get the message across several times, “There’s another one coming just like the last.” But where? They tried to explain but it was incomprehensible. I think they even said thousands of miles away from the first but how could this be if it was about Malaysia and just like the last? I think they even implied a missile strike but was it the first one or the second that gets meets that end? The spirits seemed to be getting really frustrated, urgently trying to make you understand, with you (and all of us) just not getting it. And, then when it occurred it all made ghastly horrific sense!
        There was another really accurate one too, about children being mistreated on the Mexican border and that was way before Trump got in and caused all that suffering with the migrants.

        I had a phone reading from you, about 18 months ago and that was amazing: I just imagined an old simply furnished 17th century assembly room with high ceilings. There were rows of people in attendance, a bit like a court hearing. The atmosphere was hushed and formal. Everything had to be right before the meeting commenced and the whole room was dripping with spirit plasma, like cobwebs. It was great! 😀
        You told me some amazing things about myself and my family, which, only someone who lived right next door to me MIGHT know! Yet you live in California and I live in Scotland!
        It was one of the proudest moments of my life when you explained that I was a body guard to some children in strife ridden Scotland during the 15th century and that explained why I was so vigilant and always watching the horizon.

        Thanks Eric, sorry this wasn’t much help. I am very much a novice when it comes to spirituality. I was told once, I should be ready in about 5,000 years! 😀

  8. I really like and admire the Truths that you write, Eric and, of course predictions. Your work is really important. I had subscribed since several years, then I unsubscribed, because it was too much, because of WW3 prediction, now I subscribed again. Praying that the good people prevail, that God, helps us, Spiritual world fights for the future of our children and the darkest predictions do not happen. Thank you, Eric for your work, for your tears and for your insight.

    1. The good side wins on all fronts. ALL of them. That is why the world is so dark, the darkness is watching their empire fall and acting in a panic over the moment. The Spiritual realm themselves are coming to evict the darkness. Unfortunately the last part we won’t see in our lifetimes, 150-200 years. Its all over, war, racism, inequality, starvation, all of it destroyed by the “Ambassador” AKA the King himself. What an awesome era we live in. The beginning of one of the biggest shifts ever.

      1. Well, maybe in our next lives? Huh? We will maybe be able to remember oh yes, this seems so familiar to me! Hope I can enjoy it maybe we get to see the worst so we can truly appreciate the best later on??

      2. Inspiring. Praying for the “small” ordinary person and who is against war and for a normal life and moreover children not being hurt by the dark in the meantime. Praying for Spirit world to protect them for being toys in the hands of darkness,

    2. Fun fact the Truths are sacred to me. I have NOT given you the biggest messages, the story of the rise of the King of Heaven, his power, his leadership, the Klans of Utar, The empire of Ka. The dominion! Thats right there is a whole region set up for humanity. So much knowledge. So much to share, but done as sacred as I can. So patience as I master my verbal communications. I backed off from Truths because I feel I failed to deliver the core message. I am working on it.

    3. There is another one coming, over the videos, not sure if you listen to them. The verbiage of the “Truths” has been replaced by the all in compassing “Tea and Bisquits”

  9. Probably I am naive, but people from US and UK who are reading this, please tell me if this is possible! Why cannot the great leaders like US, UK, France, Germany come together in a legitimate meeting and make a video that is translated and broadcast in Russian, telling the Russian people that, in contrary to Putins speech, the West did not plan to nuke Russia? And put this video on Youtube. Probably I am naive, but Youtube is not taken down in Russia.

    1. Governments can block videos on YouTube. It has something to do with the geographic location where the video was uploaded. You see that a lot on some sports channel, a message like “This video is not available from your location.” Government can block any and every sight.

      Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can ruin your computers and smartphones. I had NORD for my Windows laptop and for my iPhone. As you can see, Windows and iPhone use different operating systems, yet all my devices that had Nord VPN installed on them were ruined. I had a difficult time removing the software and I still had to replace my devices!

  10. I can’t recall the year I first stumbled across your site, but considering I’ve been with Word Press since 2011, and it was your site that I got the links from, it must have been at least six months before that.
    Because of rotten internet service out here in Qld, I was looking for non video psychics.
    The few that I visited were total frauds and were more interested in how they appeared in photos than there work.
    After a few visite here, I kept getting a massive ‘YES’, indicating we were both ‘in the same room’ looking at the same crystal but seeing it from different perspectives.
    I tried not to comment too much, but as you started to get some nasty individuals questioning your predictions, and then you and your familes health matters, I would come with my Spirit Friends just to ad healing and Good Will.
    During the Trump era, and I believe a number of the commentors were Russians, I found I was spending more time with my Spirit Friends just wishing you well and building the Power of Peace.
    Then this year my Spirit Friends said that you would be ‘going up a few levels’ from the middle to end of this year, and that you’d be the magnifficant bird you were meant to be …. ‘He hasn’t even grown his feather fully yet” Spirit Friends said.
    In fiact, I saw the beaten and berated Turtle of Truth as much you as that energy coming soon to us all.

    It’s been a privilege and an honour to have been lead to stumble into your Blog, and therefore to know you, and especially your work, and I hope I’m around long enough to see this ‘flying time’ that is soon coming your way.
    Well done mate.

  11. I started looking at World Predictions after a personal reading.

    You had so many things right. One thing that popped in my head was the earthquake in San Jose. I keep watching your earthquake predictions to watch for my parents, now just my mom. But the San Jose ended up being in Mexico and not California. You were spot on for the location!

    As far as personal readings, you called it on my art, someone close passing, me moving and I’m still waiting on the cowboy!! Lol 😂.

    I feel such a connection to you and so blessed that you have your kids and wonderful spirits. Your gift is amazing and watch out, things are going out of this world for you and your business!

  12. The first reading did not go well but Mr. Eric offered a second one. To be fair, I was not feeling good the first time and I do not do well communicating by phone. I am glad Mr. Eric does readings via Zoom. I do better when I can see whom I am speaking with and I get to make Mr. Eric laugh! When I feel overwhelmed he and those in “The Beyond” are very kind and gracious and allow me time to calm down. They do help me. I hope anyone who is on the fence about getting a reading from Mr. Eric will take the plunge and get one! I recommend video chat if you can afford it. Mr. Eric does not charge much. I recommend an hour and a half for your first reading.

          1. Hi Donna! Things could be better but overall life is good. I thank you for the peace and light and I pray you have the same!

  13. I often read psychic pages, though there are few I return to as most don’t ‘ring true’. While my interest here began with the truths I do remember the moment that has kept me coming back. One prediction grabbed my attention, it had that ‘wait for it’ feel. I don’t remember what it was, except it was specific enough for me to know I would recognize it when it happened and that it was something left field. That is, no one was talking about it, it would come out of nowhere. So, I waited.
    When it happened I saw it on the news. It was big enough for a mention, albeit a mere 30sec comment in passing. My gut knew what it was before my head could process the information. The prediction was irrelevant for me, its purpose was the message that came with it, trust that gut feeling when something rings true. Not everything posted has that ‘ring’ about it, but I pay attention to those that do – there is a purpose. Thanks Eric.

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