Word Press?

WordPress dumped us like a sack of potatoes. It was a bit shocking but they have declined at the last minute, the reconstruction of the new site. They have recommended someone else. Which leaves my tower crumbling. Another set back. Thanks to everyone out there we have the funds to restart. But I am asking you. Do we continue here? It is logistically safe and we have been here for 10 years. Or with nothing holding us back do we find a new home? Who has a better home for my work? Thoughts.

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  1. Eric – a suggestion would be using Patreon.
    I am not a tech person, but follow a National Security guy on Twitter. So many people wanted to know more about Trump, congress, the war, etc. that he started a Patreon system.
    People can join and are requested to sign up for different levels of support.
    Entry level is $3 per month …that gets you an invite to question and answer sessions (1 hr) twice weekly.
    I think the next level is $5 per month, then $10 and $25. I do not remember what you receive for the other levels although I do believe it’s more of a donation.
    You might want to take a look at it: Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 250000+ creators earning salaries from over 8 million …
    I hope this is helpful ☺️
    Cody Spanner

  2. Wix is horrible in my opinion. I have heard negative things about GoDaddy. I would consult a social media consultant. I would also keep the WordPress site in case the other site does not work out the way you hoped.

    1. The Spirits want the presentation different. When you read it in FB, Twitter, etc they want just their message, nothing else, then we need to somehow separate an “Arrow” prediction and a “Stage prediction” So it makes more sense, because lets be fair my work is hard to read. They have never actually liked the presentation. Nor did they like the ads.

      1. What reasons have WordPress given? That will show a lot about their values and reaction to what you post.

        1. Their too busy. Which sounds like a political answer. We had it all set up, we even had a set month to launch. WP just needed the funds. Once we had green light from Spirit we moved forward. The hope was to calibrate it to the new type of world predictions so we did sit a bit. But once the green light was given.. Then WP pulled the plug, and referenced me to someone else. It was like out of a Tarot deck, the one with the tower falling.

        2. There is a common theme in my life. “Hot Potato”. A man claiming to predict Covid19, someone who talks to the dead, things actually moving around him like Poltergiest, the guy with endless bad news, should we caution ourselves around him?? The reason you never seen Eric Leigh-Pink do an interview or in the news because it has been radio silence for years. The state of California and I went to war over me adopting my kids. They felt that someone who talked to the dead, might be a bit unqualified to adopt children. My argument was wait I have been fostering your children for a decade, but am unworthy of adopting? What? The courts thankfully had more of a brain, and did not understand the argument Uncle Sam was trying to make. So now I have adopted my kids and radio silence has been smashed. But that stigma, that what is he?? Still ferments.

    2. I disagree with patreon only because it’s behind a paywall and a lot of people will be missing very important information from Spirit. Love the site here – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And leave the go fund me up for tips or make a cashapp and post it at the beginning or end to tip for further funds for your work!

  3. Eric, I follow several people on Patreon. I love it but I don’t think it’s suited to your purpose, at least not based on the people I follow there. The blog part works with posts, but it’s really designed to build a group of people that financially support a creator. It isn’t really designed to be easily accessible by the masses which I gather is your goal. When I think of Patreon, I think of limiting access, not increasing it. I don’t have a great solution but I can’t imagine Patreon fitting the goal of getting the word out to everyone. 🤷‍♀️
    That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a Patreon page, I think it would be great if you did have one. But I don’t think it replaces what you’ve already got here.

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter. Eric, love your work.
    Stay here, keep it simple….

        1. Agreed. I’m not an electronics/computer expert, but I don’t see any reason to move. And here we have access to all the previous predictions if we need to refer back to them.

  5. Eric,

    A thought—establish an association or Foundation.

    Another site on word press can be established, under that entity.
    (E.g. Edgar Cayce- started to keep track of his “readings” for posterity)

    Something to mull over.

  6. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:: Was reading Wikipedia on Edgar Cayce.
    Looking for info on foundation (A.R.E) Association for Research and Enlightenment

    This paragraph :

    Could help you visualize— something to aid us now..or to help get video
    Off the ground..?

    “ Association activities remained simple and un-publicized. Members raised a building fund for an office, library, and vault, which they erected in 1940–41 as a single unit added on to the Cayce residence.[56]

    No sign guided visitors to the center. Association membership averaged 500 to 600. The turnover from year to year was approximately half this total. The other half remained a solid basis for the research work, an audience for case studies, pamphlets, bulletins—and the Congress bulletin, which was a yearbook and record of congress events. A mailing list of several thousand served people who remained interested in Cayce’s activities.[57]

    Members were drawn from all of the Protestant churches: from the Roman, Greek, Syrian and Armenian Catholic churches; from Theosophy, Christian Science and Spiritualism; and from many Oriental religions. Cayce’s philosophy was, if it makes you a better member of your church then it’s good; if it takes you away from your church, it’s bad.
    The philosophy of the readings was that truth is one, each organization is part of this one, therefore the A.R.E. was not to function as a schism or in opposition to any religious organization. The goal of the work was not something new but something ancient and universal.[58]

  7. I have used weebly to create my own site and used it for others. It is very, very easy to use and easy to transfer your domain name over to it. Perhaps that would suit your needs?

  8. I don’t think I see a mention of the other people WP recommended. Have you looked into it? There are alot of things I like about your site now but not knowing what redesign you have in mind it would be hard to point you in another direction that your followers would relate to. The ability to translate is a big plus that you wouldn’t want to lose. I’m not a tech person but as an end user, and my generation lol, simple is best. I bet your kids might have some ideas!

  9. Eric,
    I know this is the wrong thread to post this question, but do you think Putin will use nuclear weapons? is there any new information about Ukraine and what Putin might be planning next in the war?

      1. I and many others would like to know. I think he’s bluffing but on the other hand, anyone that can order so much destruction on a country is capable of using the worst weapons.

      1. How soon? Something to do with Ukraine? Or later? Are Finland and baltic countries in danger?

            1. Will it be only one mini Nuclear Weapon used first and then years of peace,(or will it be war chaos all the time) and the larger WW later – the different thing? If you get some information which countries are in danger in Europe? If Nato will be in war with Russia, it is very dangerous. We all wait some peace deal in Ukraine.

  10. I would prefer the site to stay here. I tune in daily. Like some of the other readers have said, keep it simple.
    The actual predictions are easy to read, we can connect with you easily through the comments section and air our thoughts. Most of us are thrilled to read your reply and comments back. we can look back and read past predictions when and if we want to. It is all there and people keep tuning in so the ever growing interest in your predictions do not wain. As to where others look, I would then glance at youtube then facebook. Some you tube users have concentrated on increasing their subscribers. However, your followers will appreciate you where ever you see fit to post.
    Kindest regards.

    1. Thanks Chris, your voice is the voice of almost everyone. I have a loyalty to all of you first. So many of you have stayed with me for so long. The good news is the tide looking like it might just change, because of my post, people are raising their hands to help.
      Its not the work, I am of course excited to make the new type of predictions, its the presentation, thats what we are trying to fix, Spirit was never a fan of the presentation, we need it to read more like a resource and it doesn’t. There predictions should be plastered as front and center all the time, no matter what the app.

  11. I used to love weekly and I still have a few websites using it but now I avoid it like the plague. The events are too volatile. The cost is too much. Too much time spent on fiddly things since they updated the interface. But the absolute worst is when I was using it as a blog. I would find the wrong images published on the wrong post. Time and time again I would upload a separately named image only to publish and find another in its place from another post. And trying to explain that to support was another nightmare. A different nightmare is using the editor in mobile view or mobile app. One simple finger toych or scroll can relocate pages and elements in ways that you cannot even imagine. And to top off the nightmare of all nightmares, the undo button never works and everything is SAVED automatically. My personal advice don’t touch it.

    Also please don’t use a pay wall it will be in US dollars and be twice as much in AU. I won’t pay and I will miss you.

    I would try WIX. They have similar layout style to WordPress and quite inexpensive considering it’s only the domain name that has a cost attached.. if you want one that is.. their tiers are very affordable. What I like best is their emails. They are the most visually beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’ve subscribed to a few people and went hunting to find out what they were using to send their emails and they all said Wix.

    1. ha ha ha . . .

      Genesis tells us God was sorry He created humans and planned to obliterate all of them and start over. Noah intervened. God gave him time to warn other people but they mocked him.

      At the end of the day, Jesus saves. But who will believe it and accept him and his gift of salvation?

      1. I suppose I could be cheakey and say that applies to the Jewish race, after all it was their religious history you quoted, but what about the rest of us?
        Actually this, and all my Blogs. are intended to have us all thinking outside of where we came from, where we are now and where we’re going to, in accordance with Creation’s Laws.

  12. You should try webflow or squarespace or can create a custom website yourself by using HTML/CSS and Javascript

  13. Eric,
    I can’t recommend you going with a hosted platform. Too much control and conditions.

    Why don’t you just go with hosting WordPress yourself? That’s what the rest of the world has done up until Wix Weebly Squarespace etc stopped being as awful as they used to be up to a few years ago.

    If you want to talk further, just email me. I have been designing and hosting websites for 20 years. If you self-host WordPress, sure it needs a little support, but then you can choose what you add or remove or what you need to pay for.

    No offence Mullah but self coding is just not the way you want to go with a blog platform with tonnes of comments and content.

    1. I will look into it. Honestly if I can nail the look and presentation, because this one sucks, I am good. I am a wonderful young man in the UK trying hard right now.

  14. Hi Eric.. Spirit ..
    IM Surprised at WP..but not shattered
    I have been on this site with many of you since 2014 ..8years or so..
    Eric the energy here has been established.yes freshening things up would be great but what I’m seeing is
    Many of us may not post much any more but we have moved to another level of background work .I for one take your predictions and bring light and love and prayer to them..
    I agree you stay here..
    I don’t feel it’s over here something is round the corner 🤔 just not sure what.
    Blessings all..

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