World Predictions 4-26-22

To add to the World Predictions, World Food shortages are coming prepare accordingly. Here is the weekly video. It is just a recap of the week. So if your reading daily, its old news. Fun fact the Spirits have implied they would like the YouTube Videos to be me sitting in an easy chair, with a light above, one light, and then they showed a image of Edward R Murrow saying ”Good night and good luck.” So its just me telling you the visions again and again, reporting the future news daily. It is an awesome Idea that sounds very expensive. But eventually we will replace these videos with that. The new site will be up by mid May. They have cemented what they want. A nod to both my lifetimes that built our foundation, the legendary Hendrix from the great state of Tennessee and my time in Nepal. Both lives built the foundation I am on, they would like a nod to both those lives. It should look unique. Thoughts?

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  1. I truly love these videos. Have already shared it. Glad they are going to be weekly. 💕

  2. Hi Eric, I always enjoy the Blog. I get a big kick out of the Spirits having an English tea party. I vehemently agree on the lying and I don’t know know why it’s been tolerated by so many intelligent Americans.

    Anyway I do have a question: is the food shortage like the one during the Pandemic? Or worse? Please explain

    Thank you!

    1. It will be sudden, it is a mixture of two moments. One already happened. Russia will start cutting off the oil supplies, then the transportation of goods become stuck. But there is another growing problem and that is Ukraine was all farming. I mean we cut that supply. They showed a new image of a fruit issue too. So its the culmination of events colliding.
      No I am not expecting it to be as bad as Covid. The Spirits literally warned me October of 2019. “Go Shopping NOW” We did. That was a storm I saw coming and it was massive. Then all that hell unfolded. The Spirits have not told me to go shopping. But I will let you know if that tone shifts. I expect we can still get rice, but our coffee is 50$ and meats off the charts. OIl, ouch get a horse. Anything that requires transportation.Also it depends on the nation your in too.

      1. Warehouse clubs like Costco & Sam’s Club help with food costs. Costco has better quality.

    1. This guy looked like the evil brother of UP. The cartoon character. Old mean face. Maybe? He seems to young? IDK. Who ever it is. They are standing next to Putin.

  3. Hi Eric good luck with the new page will you give us a link when it’s up in may??

    1. Oh no. WordPress is rebuilding this site from the ground up, for an astronomical amount of money. The site name, location, even those fans that are die hard fans, its not going anywhere. You will simply come on here and it will both operated and look differently. The presentation does not fit anymore. We need to promote their message more directly. Like a billboard of the predictions. We don’t have anything like that now.

      1. Awesome!! The new site sounds so exciting. Can’t wait til it’s up. Thank you for going through so much trouble

        Say Eric, will you be giving us more Truths? (Not that you have anything to do 😉 I say this in jest) Best regards.

        1. Tea and Biscuits will become a weekly staple. We plan to meld the Truths into that. It is everything, from how to end racism, to what is in heaven, history, why do we exist, what is humanity’s biggest flaw, the Big Bang, all of it. And something that I am concerned is they also plan to bash us, put a mirror up to show how ugly we are. like parents coming in a bedroom and saying “What is this mess you left?” That makes me nervous. Presentation is essential other wise I will sound Judgmental.

        2. The two stories I am excited to share are: Humanity’s greatest flaw and how to properly deal with Trauma. The one next is a bit ugly and abrasive. Its bitter coffee and old cinnamon roll if you know what i mean but need to be said. The subject “Stone throwing.”

  4. The Ukraine horse prediction could be the previous prediction about the metropolis – possibly Kyiv – missile strike. The samurai prediction could be in retaliation for this. Hopefully the samurai prediction and the lack of Russian supplies will aid in this war’s ending.

  5. Love your videos Eric!!! I don’t always comment but I have been with you and your work foany years. The videos are great! Thank you for all you do! Now to our work of praying for different results to some of those predictions.
    Let us pray 🙏.

  6. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:; food

    Between soaring food prices and feed shortages, the war in Ukraine has rocked the EU’s agri-food sector and thrown an age-old issue back into the limelight: food security.

    That’s because Russia and Ukraine are two of the biggest agricultural powerhouses in the world. Together, they provide more than a third of the world’s wheat and barley, and over half of the world’s maize, sunflower oil and seeds.

    1. They all so supply most of the fertilizer. It is worth noting how many food factories have burnt to the ground in recent months in the USA and 1 this week in the UK.

      Yesterday Russia cut off Poland’s and Bulgaria’s gas. Not a big deal as they have other supplies but Germany gets 50% of theirs from Russia. They now want their resources paid for in Rubles. Italy ad Germany both agree.

      The Ruble is a a 2 year high against the Euro. The Russian people are not reporting any shortages of anything or any inflation.

      Sanctions have failed, its never wise to bite the hand that feeds you.
      A USA lead coup has also failed.

      “Imagine prospects for world peace, prosperity, and security if Joe Biden were president of the United States and Alexei Navalny the president of Russia,” Brennan tweeted on Friday, above the lyrics to the legendary song ‘Imagine,’ on the occasion of Lennon’s 80th birthday. “We’ll soon be halfway there,” he added. © Twitter / @JohnBrennan

      It was Americas interreference and over throw of President Yanukovych that lead to where Ukraine is at today.

  7. When you talk about the two species of ancient humans, I’m reminded of Dwarves or Gnomes (midget tricksters and inventors) and Orcs (hulking warriors) from Tolkien + Dungeons&Dragons, both based on older folklore. Perhaps some distant memories remain in our collective consciousness to reassert themselves in fiction.

    1. Nothing that wild. It just a short human and big breading one. Two different forces that actually became the Human of today. Explains why we hate each other so much.

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