Rise Against the Red Rising

What Should we do? Recognize the moment. Recognize the full body of our work for the last decade. Look at the stage they set. It was always a stage showing what would inevitably lead to this monsters rise. Look at the stage of multiple parts, these are their predictions over the last 10 years:

I had a visual of China, in the eastern coastal region semi close to Taiwan, that was marked. On the map was the number 2.  An epidemic is coming that will move with such fury

I had a visual of a calendar with the 6th blackened out. I had a visual of the US flag wrapped around its poll upside down. “Liberty.. which was held sacred at one time.. will be under attack.. trampled”

Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..

The Word of 2018: Enough!  The World Predictions of 2018 with a renewed focus to circle the world.  “Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments. From protest to all out violence, sudden shifts as new leaders rise.. and the old ones fall.”

Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine. I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’.

Two nations preparing for war. Each side blustering. Then in the most horrific way the lights that operate nuclear weapons turned on.

Can you deny they know what is coming? Is it possible they know the stages of events next? Now we are in the process in this very moment of reinventing ourselves. We are changing the very structure in which we make World Predictions. Ironically we just happen to be making all these new changes here and now? Ironic, I think not? Down to the color of the new site, they have flooded me with details of what they want. So build I am. You can see a new stage forming. One very different from the last. One that has a guiding force now. They already started a few days ago. The showed us what would immediately happen next, and said out loud listen you really shouldn’t do that, lying is still wrong. ”Liars!” would be exposed. Then it happened. It will continue in the coming days to happen. Make no mistake that was them toiling behind all of our lives.

So I believe, they have every intention of guiding us out of this moment, with their Tea and biscuits. What keeps me up at night is time is not on our side. They have consistently told us what is needed. You need to share that old stage, the one we already wrote, so when the time comes we can respond to the next moment. Help is required. Action is required and the only hero coming is the one in the mirror. I honestly think we can turn the tide. I believe in us.

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  1. The spirits have taken over in all directions. Just an fyi they have asked the color of the new site to be “Spunky Cinnamon” I honestly don’t know what that means, but this is how involved they have become and it’s all new. Persnickety in every way.

  2. “Browns like cinnamon are widely seen in nature and therefore the hue can also be connected with earthy qualities like strength and resilience. Because of its association with the spice, which is believed by some to have health benefits and features commonly in tea and other warming foods, cinnamon is especially likely to communicate rejuvenation and healing.”

    “Its earthy connotations means it is suited to any setting where you wish to convey comfort, health and warmth, or capture a feeling of cosiness. As it is considered a sensible, reliable shade, cinnamon would also work well in business logos”.


  3. Eric what is your thought on non-dualism? Would you say you are awakened?

    1. Are we talking about Brahmanism? The Brahman has its weight, especially in the functions of the universe. However not to sound ironically ego driven, its like our old belief the world is flat. Our knowledge lacks across the board.
      Yes I am awake. It is my awareness that allows me to harness this gift of sight. More importantly there seems to be a counter effect to my own duality. The more i dive into my own history as a being in the universe, the power is gained on this work. Like a rubber band of the past creating the images of the future. Odd i know.

    2. As for a more direct answer, I would say the universe is so full of so much we haven’t seen at all. Religion, Faith, the Word of God, Philosophy: I sum it up this way, a God that created all of this, these stars, these galaxies, time itself just cannot be summed up in any literature. It is beyond us. So start from a position that you just don’t know much at all, then yes your good. The Universe is beyond us in every way.
      On another note, those of you who are awake, keep digging. There are layers! It would seem I have been doing this for a very, very long time. I had no idea it was that much.

  4. When you say “rise against the red rising” doesn’t sound hopeful for the unity of the world!
    Why not say “don’t allow anyone making wars” US included! US has killed millions in countries they should never go! But it seems that nobody talks about it!
    Russia now is doing exactly the same bad thing!
    The people of the world have their opinions about socialism, meaning they support freedom, solidarity, sharing recourses, collectivism! Its not about making wars! So it is insulting somehow to speak against the “red” or share a message with this title because a bad leader is coming and it isn’t the only one in our world!
    With all my respect to spirit world i am hoping they will guide us how to avoid poison leadership and make the right choices for unity through love for all the countries around the world and this should be the message🙏

    1. I am not entitled to give opinion about US foreign policy or involvement in wars, but what really shocked me was a US veteran who asked (when being shocked by Butcha and many other massacres/rapes/killings in Ukraine) – why Russian soldiers do not object to unlawful orders? I wish… It turns out US army has a procedure where soldiers CAN object to unlawful orders and they even have some kind of ethics. Russian army has never had it. You have to go to army or you are traitor. If you are in army – you have to kill/rape/loot otherwise you are killed yourselves. If you do all that, you get a medal. I come from a former Soviet Republic, my family still lives there, we had been taked everything many times and nobody ever apologized. God, please not any more. Though judging by Eric’s predictions, the future is bleak. At least we still have some years to enjoy.

      1. The US army is even worse because its by choice you join as a profession and you’re paid to go in foreign countries and kill!
        Nobody can say “i didn’t know” or “i was forced “ by the law! Neither is decent or good!
        So let’s just pray things will change everywhere!

        1. Again you are equating America Vs Russia. I have the honor of representing the Spiritual realm. This is a message from them and they do not prescribe to the daily political hanging humans all do for the sake of their nation.

    2. Based on the previous predictions about the red flag rising again, I’d argue that the “red rising” is what doesn’t sound hopeful for the unity of the world and that the solution is to rise against it before it has a chance to rise to power. The reason why we’re focused on this future evil leader in Russia is because preventing him from rising to power will greatly reduce the chances of WW3. And we should “rise against the red rising” again in Russia because this leader will use that top-down, 100% government-run system to trample on the freedoms and rights of Russian citizens just like Stalin did under the USSR.

    3. You are missing the moment. One third of the entire worlds population will be wiped away by this one monster. Please do not equate it to American propaganda against Russian propaganda. The Spiritual realm wants you to put that aside and realize the monster coming.

      1. So Eric you’re confirming that “RED”means a communist country and specifically Russia?
        Please correct me if I am wrong 🙏

        1. We seem to be having a misunderstanding here. You keep trying to put it in a box of Communism, Russia, America, West. But this is a force looking down at the whole of the entire world, they don’t see your invisible lines on the world. Please stop assuming this is an American with an agenda. I serve at the leisure of the King and no nation will take that away from me. The King of heaven.

          1. Dear Eric, there is indeed a misunderstanding here! I am not trying anything against you or your messages! I am just trying to understand what we are talking about!A message must be clear so nobody turns against people that he shouldn’t!
            Please consider how many people can wrongfully translate a message! So i am trying to discuss and to debate here about the meaning! Nothing more nothing less!
            To prove what i am saying have a look here👇 so you will understand how famous is the name RED about Russia! That is why i am asking you! I didn’t mean to upset you but if i did i am really sorry


            1. I am fine. Thanks. Honestly you couldn’t upset me. I totally get where you are coming from. It is all bad news so we are all trying to figure it out. Unfortunately we have to catch up to the moment, they are talking about circumstances we have not seen.

            2. Just for the sake of an argument. What if the ‘Red’ is actually a power or force that is not necessarily human? What if it’s a massive meteor, or similar?
              I’m only throwing this argument as a deflection for those of us who may consider that a 1 and another 1 may mean 2, when it could mean 11.
              If Eric’s Spirit Team were to have information for us all, like if my Friends had news for us all, why would They be denying that news to us?
              In my book of many years ago, my Spirit Friend said there would be people frantically trying to syphon information from the Source, when the Source is not fully flowing.
              If we were to receive the information we thirst for, what can we do with it??? Pete

    4. Just an FYI to all. Not trying to knock you Liliane. Spirits opinion on Socialism, Capitalism, Communism. They all suck. Unworthy of your loyalty. Get back to them when you have a system where everyone thrives and every single citizen is happy. It is very possible to accomplish. But we are all stuck on our system being better than the other, when if fact they should all be replaced. Every single one of them.

      1. True Socialism is not Communism, be it National or Communist. True Socialism is ‘to the people, for the people, by the people’, where the people, not representatives, determine ALL aspects of that society.
        The current ‘top down’ structure, which is the basis of all forms of Government, will be outlawed in this new Age.
        The Jewish Kibutz, hippy communes, community run territories and similar systems is more likely the true Socialism and the direction this Aquarian Age will be taking us.

  5. Liliane, I think the red colour in this case refers to the risk of war or to danger (the red flag is also used as a warning sign about ammunitions and explosives). Unless it’s about China, with an actual red flag, it is not likely to be related to socialism, the return of which to Russia is highly improbable in the next few years.

    1. Its on Eric probably to tell us what is the meaning but usually red is globally known its about communism and the left wind in general!
      So maybe he has other explanation than this?

      1. Yes, this is a very good question. Initially, I was thinking of China with its red flag. I would classify today’s Russia rather as an outright fascist country – I’m not alone with this view – and the colour associated with fascism would be black…

        1. They had this old prediction about “The Shaded one.” Thats what they called him. The shaded one. They saw him as a full fledge demon. I am serious he was suppose to do much more damage than everyone expected but a monster he was. Now I ask you. Who is that? Shaded one. Like ‘Red Rising’ right? You see the symbolism. The shaded one was Muammar Gaddafi. Why did they call him that, because he always wore big sun glasses. So lets wait and see how ‘Red’ comes together. Honestly maybe the tweed likes to wear red clothes.

      2. Honestly I think its something we haven’t seen yet. “The flag will be upside down, trampled” That was an old warning for the US. I mean you hear it and say what does that mean? Upside down? But it happened. Here in the US. So lets all wait and see what Red is. Maybe the man likes to wear Red. IDK

    2. Honestly I think there is something else to it. Something we haven’t seen yet. Its like the old predictions where “The shooting will take place in the house that bows before the tree” I was like what??? “The place that bows before the tree! What tree?” But what they were talking about was Canada. The Canadian flag has a leaf that implies they bow before the maple tree. None of that is true of course but from their perspective that is how it looks. Red is something specific. Something odd.

      1. Is this a completely new take? I thought before in the WW3 prediction where you say about red flag is rising (and a person from “stan” that is is connected to Russia or one of the countries with -stan in the ending and also Russia together with China). Is this something different?

        1. You are correct. Wow that prediction is supper old. Nice catch. That specific prediction has been haunting me horribly. The great monster comes from Kyrgyzstan. That is where his linage comes from. But lets leave it there please. I come from Mexico and I am not there. I have zero connection to Nogales now. This prediction was always meant as a sort of “Where” Spirit. China VS Russia. Unfortunately the future has different borders. So its hard to box it up. A split is about to take place. We haven’t seen it yet. From what I understand it is epic flooding, that in turns leads to very small nations merging with larger ones, just to survive. So every time I hear this country vs that, I am hesitant. The maps in the future are very different and we keep breaking out the current one.

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