Can We Alter the Future?

First the message of today: ”Attack! Attack them now!” Sounds like toddler Putin throwing a tantrum. This is most likely the final warning to this moment: World Prediction 2.

Everyone keeps asking if the future is set in stone?

Paris, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Florida, Louisiana, Queensland, Northern Mexico, are all places where Spirits message, Spirits power, altered a moment. Can we alter the future? I assumed you knew? We already are. Its not a question of whether we can, we have already proven that, its a question of how much? It wouldn’t be inappropriate for me to ask those lives that have been altered to speak on our behalf, those are private conversations. However let me give you a basic understanding of how we actually alter the future:

The Prediction made for 2021 (The last time we smacked the future around) : “We have a hurricane coming that they compare to Katrina expected this year.”

In the year 2021 the focus of Hurricanes seemed centered around a “Katrina” moment. Our focus quickly shifted to Louisiana. Normally around hurricane season I clear my schedule, this is when I get really busy. I already have a solid reputation for predicting accurate weather in multiple forms. They seem to know where the hot spots are every year. So when the hurricane closes in, I get a flurry of calls all asking the same questions? Do they need to leave? Are they safe? Is their property safe? One by one Spirit responds. Sometimes saying ”Get off the phone with us and leave now.” or ”No everything is fine, but maybe go out for a nice trip just to get away from all this mess” . Either way you see it, we are altering the tragedy of this moment however small it might be. We can alter the future. We can alter tragedy. Why would I put myself through looking at human horror daily if I did not believe 100% we can do this? I have seen the lightning crash all around me as I witness them change peoples lives. I have seen them consume evil like a lion eviscerating its prey, I have seen the power of the Spiritual realm, it moves like lightning. There is no stopping it. No power to quell it. No force to prevent it. Heavens father mirrors the awesome force of a bolt of lightning. That we have been blessed with.

I feel this rising force inside of me saying we can make these changes much larger. I feel a need to charge down a mountain with my Spiritual weapon in hand at everything wrong with this world. We have the reputation, name, and one unique force to make one epic impact and I aim to accomplish that multiple times every single year moving forward. Call it hubris, call me a fool, but with your help, I truly believe the world is ours to change however large a battle that may be. I look forward to our grand accomplishment. I look forward to us making the world better for all of us.

Thank you! Thank you so much for all the donations to help facilitate our new website and marketing. We plan to calibrate the new changes Spirit has with the rebuilding of this site by May. My hope is to be able to display the World Predictions in a way that allow you to share it as easily and simply as possible. My hope is to remove all barriers that allow you to help share Spirits message. We also plan to pay respects to the two foundations that built this great gift I use. My previous lives in Tennessee and Nepal. Without that none of this would be possible. I look forward to us creating a World Predictions site more suited for change, so that we together can make our world better.

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34 thoughts on “Can We Alter the Future?

  1. Thank you Eric. It is true your truths and predictions are LIFE CHANGING. Thank you for this post. Thank the Spirits. I have had good advice and accurate predictions for a few years now. I look forward to the blog posts like a letter from a dear friend. ❤️We can change things and alter the future. Good over evil.

    1. Can you give us some insight in to our pets that have passed. What is their future? Will we see them again and get to love them eternally?

      1. Yes Pets of all kinds usually come through readings. Especially if you are close to them. I did a reading once and all these horses came through. She was a horse trainer and loved her horses very much.

  2. If I understand it right, a prediction opens a kind of window of opportunity allowing to modify or mitigate the outcome or, maybe, to choose between alternative futures. This is what may have happened, e.g., with a predicted political assassination in western Europe some years ago, which never materialized. Is it correct to think that if some tragic event predicted for around date X fails to happen, the possibility of it happening later, at least soon after that, is reduced? That would mean the window of opportunity would be closed for the time being.

    1. It is the past and future that creates the present. Like a zipper moving, always connecting. We plan to meddle with the future, by showing you what is coming. If we can deliver the goods again and again eventually it will shatter the event. If everyone knows an earthquake is coming why would anyone need to hurt in that moment. But doesn’t change the earthquake still coming.

  3. Thank you, this is illustrative: you put it in a nutshell in an intelligible way. As to different kinds of events, I would think, e.g., an earthquake could be predicted with a higher degree of certainty compared to human actions, which are always subject to changes, depending on human choices. Am I right? A concrete example would be that NO psychic has released so far the name of Putin’s successor in the current situation; the same goes for election results in general, with views on the identity of the winning candidate divided among psychics.

    1. OMG yes. We talked about just doing Natural Disasters because that is the easiest to predict. Its either yes or no. Human activity is opinions, images, feelings, very hard to predict.

  4. So senario say you met a new friend out walking, really got on and liked the person then at the end of the walk you just said goodbye with no forwarding contact. Was it fate that you were not meant to meet again or have you changed your future or just missed the opportunity sent by spirit?

  5. Eric if you need a website to be built and maintained cheaply, you do know you can find people from third world to build your website. You have a very basic website so it wouldn’t cost much at all. If you need help to find people to build it how you want it, let me know.

    1. I looked over so many places to build my site, and decided to go to those who have helped me already, WordPress, unfortunately WP is very expensive to start. I hoping they don’t nickel and dime me.

      1. Eric Word Press is such a basic website. You don’t even need to know how to code. I don’t know whose been charging you a lot of money. Let me know exactly what you want, I will find someone for you and connect you directly to them. A website of your level can be built by even beginners who have no experience. If you ask one of your kid, they will intuitively know how to use the tools to build it. No coding is necessary.

  6. When you say WW3 will be East vs West because of famine, how would war help with famine? It looks like we’re already going to be producing 15% less calorie because of just Ukraine vs Russia war and already over 900 million are malnourished. So the powerful governments are going to steal food off poor nations to feed their people by starving the poor? The Europeans would steal food of the Asians or vice versa? Can you please explain this WW3 in more details. I wouldn’t mind a 5000 word post about this WW3 and famine situation. More information would help a lot on better preparing for war and producing food. You might just inspire someone to dedicate their life to producing food in famine conditions and urge many to leqrn to grow their own food.

      1. Does WW3 end before ambassador shows up? WW3 starts in 2030s and ambassador doesn’t come to power until 22nd century, correct? Surely WW3 doesn’t last that long; guess neither East or West wins and everyone loses, just a stalemate.

        1. There are huge pieces missing. Lets step back from a future I hope to smash. Everyone needs to look at this backwards. It is the announcement that their King. Let that sink The King, is coming here in about 150 years. Imagine what you feel if your evil. If you know your time is up. If you know your about to be evicted. What we have in the world right now is their reaction to that. They aim to smash this place before they leave. The year 2036 is more likely when this monster rises. Hitler was in power before he casted the world into flames. Yes there seems to be a period of reconstruction prior to his arrival. Which I am hoping to avoid. There is no universe I am just allowing this time to continue.

        2. The spiritual realm is gathering as well, none of us are just going to allow this to happen. Its a race to alter it. Our little band of Spirits has multipled in size for the moment. That has to mean there doing that for others like me.

      2. Are there any countries that will be fine from famine? or this war? will the UK be affected?

        1. Seriously everyone we aim to stop this war. This entire site was created to lead us to that one moment. I don’t plan to fail at all. Sorry for picking on you Tasha, I just need everyone to understand there is no universe I am allowing this timeline to unfold.
          As for the UK. Seriously nothing good there. The UK government will provide your food rations in the later end of the Century I will let you decide how reliable that would be.

  7. My cat Simon transferred to Austin! I loved them both they were Sphinx cats and completely devoted I really loved them. When Austin died I saw him in my befrokm he came to say goodbye

  8. The comment sections a bit like North Korean Censorship I see. Freedom of speech taken away to protect us from hate speech.

    1. Are you planning to show us a lot of hate? Is it a goal of yours? Not the most admirable mission in life. With that said. Thats not reality. There is a Lull in all comments so I can approve them. The last time I edited a comment was a few days ago and that was someone selling something.

    2. I suppose in most cases there is a purely technical explanation for a post not coming through, such as length and/or certain links (maybe recognized as spam by Akismet).

  9. Life can not be changed. Everything is already planned and written and already happened.
    Its like a book. We are experiencing the book already written. History repeats. Because earth is the same just repeats over and over.
    Every planet the many in the universe have their own book. Own experience already written. The universe of its many many planets is a library. A library of books. Experiences.
    So the whole book of earth is already happened from start to finish. We just repeating. Like all the civilizations before. Repeating the same story. God has already pre written the Experience. The dream. MAYA as in what buddism calls illusion.
    We are within a book and the universe is the library. There are many heavens. Many books. Many planets with its own experience book.

  10. Do you see any country thriving during the time of famine? Or will all countries struggle?

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