A Tool To Help Ukraine

It is called 1920in Please click on the link and help us bring change. Spirit believes whole heartedly that opening the eyes of Russians to the truth of what is happening in Ukraine has the power to alter this tide. So now I am asking. Send them pictures of what is happening in Ukraine, unbiased news, or perhaps forward a link to the predictions that happened. Ask them why their leaders are ruining our world? Thank them for their help to share Truth. Thank you always for the help and support you give to our world. Our World.. and its high time we act as such.


World Predictions that have happened: https://worldwidepredictions.com/2022/03/21/мировые-предсказания/

Turtle Power!

26 thoughts on “A Tool To Help Ukraine

  1. I hope I did it right, used to be tech savvy 1980s now didnt keep up on it now a tech idiot!!! Trying to do it right!!

    1. EVERYONE we can jump on this. Send the Russians your truth! Make it impactful. Make them see the horror we see. Its time to change our world for the better.

  2. Do we know for sure if the destruction of Ukraine (world money laundering and trafficking country) is under attack from only Russia… or could others be involved and blaming all attacks on Russia ??

    1. Oh you so need two cookies. I am going to go with what my two eyes are showing me and the Russians are spilling an un washable amount of blood on their leadership hands. The predictions clearly put the blame on one man. Putin. Its in the predictions from three to five years ago. Here is your cookies 🍪🥠. I opened up the fortune cookie it says “Turtle Power”

      1. Hi Eric, as more Russians know of your website, please be prepared to be infiltrated by Russian trolls.
        I spend time refuting communist trolls all the time and it is Nasty. I spend time in spiritual forums because they spread Truth. There is too much misinformation being spread online and causing society to splinter into various camps in my country in South East Asia.

    2. excellent observation. don’t forget the biolabs that give us all the pandemics.

  3. Politicians and people in Finland have been shocked about Putin, Ukraine..we need to join Nato but we are warned, threaten from Russia .. Putin also has created mindless lies about Finland´s nazi camps for russians in WW2 in Carelia( areas we lost to Russia)..Putin creates false enemy images. Many say because he wants to attack Finland. We wait what ever disturbance..
    I am intuitive and i feel that is true in his head, very bad energies…I hope that will not come true!?That Putin will fall and some change for better in Russia? Peace for Baltics and Europe?

  4. I sent it to 20 people and WhatsApp blocked my account. But before the block I managed to talk to 1 guy who said he is a simple man and not interested in such things. The others simply just blocked or ignored it and 1 guy said that the Russians already know people are trying to contact them through WhatsApp and its a western propaganda, its bots. No matter what, their minds have been washed. There is no convincing them. Kremlin seems to find a way to twist the story in their favour.

    1. I have faith the Turtle of Truth as the prediction states will find its way. Truth always finds a way, we just need to give our Turtle a ride because he moves to slow.

    2. PLEASE try to send photos instead of so many words because you know the ol’ saying! Picture is worth a thousand words

  5. Not being smart, this is a genuine question and I’ve asked before, and you said you were unsure or something to that extent, but could it be possible that your visions are of the “big stories” that are in the news and the way it will be presented to us? My mind always goes back the trump days where you often had visions of how things played out in the media and then spirit would later offer clarity. To be honest, I am just confused as this doesn’t seem like a land grab to me. It doesn’t add up, and I am not pro Russia, just being totally transparent and it feels like there is more to this story. I suppose it could be to topple the west via the imposed sanctions in partnership with China knowing they are a leading supplier of oil and provide for most of Europe, in turn eliminating the US dollar as the global currency. That would have serious ramifications.

    1. To be perfectly clear I am an American. So on that alone there is a slant to my opinion. However I do my best just to present their work unabated. I see this as one big power struggle and Russia wants some of theirs back. But taking it by force is so last century. But that is my opinion. Spirits have very different opinions. If you asked them they would just point out the absurdity of killing life over dirt.

    2. This is a bloody, cruel war by Russian leader who wants to recreate old Soviet Union. Peolple are crippled, killed their country is wiped out. I understand Russian and Ukrainian, please, there are many Youtube videos from ordinary Ukraininans, they are not actors it is real. I must say, that intelligent people always try to find another reason for very simple things, but Russian thinking is very simple. They want to win. They do not care. They will do it.

  6. Send aerial views of totally ruined Mariupol, pictures of Harkova and other places.. Maternal hospital, homes.. Show terrible destruction to russians! If they do not believe words..

      1. Wow awesome. I only tried it a few times. It’s an awesome tool and idea. I have a large audience so it seemed like a great idea. Thank you for helping us better our world.

        1. But all of us really must do everything possible so that our children have a normal life. I thought humanity, at least in Europe, has outgrown management by war and weapons, but I was so wrong… This is not a world I want to leave to my child!!!

          1. It is different though. Out is the way of just Nations at battle. This war has business, local people, media, economy, all involved in the battle of the moment. Thats different.

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