Loyalty Met With Loyalty

Our Mission: Predict the worlds future, make everyone aware and alter the tragic moment. On the eve of us rolling out new World Predictions its time to give our mission one epic push. The days of me standing off to the side waiting for this moment to come together on its own are over. We must alter the future. We are working right now to rebuild this site. We plan to spend money on marketing now. I am working to create the best video structure. Are you in the Media, because now I am open for a conversation. (With their approval)

So we begin this push with an Idea; Loyalty will be met with Loyalty. Those that share our work on social media outlets. Those that donate to our cause. Those that help me in the comments pointing out what predictions have happened. Those that help me with my technical issues. So much Loyalty you have shown us over the last 10 years.

So Spirit wants to return the favor. Meet them. It would be in the form of an hour reading but the options are available. Not just a personal reading but if thats all you want, Great! But have a conversation with Macabe. Have a conversation with the Guards. All of this would be done through me of course. You have been loyal to them, let us return the favor.

Starting now, everyone who makes an effort to share our work or help us in any way will have their name (Avatar) added to a hat. At the end of each month I will simply draw out a name and announce it on the 1st of every month. The first draw will be May 1st. May 1st is my own target date for the revised World Prediction site.

So if you are sharing our work and it isn’t apparent let me know. Otherwise I will be adding names as I see it. I see the future nightmare stage coming together right now and that just does not work for me. The time for change is here. The time for change is right now.

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24 thoughts on “Loyalty Met With Loyalty

  1. 👍 thumbs up! I talk about the predictions allll the time. I sound like a broken record, don’t know if the people I share it with are that much of movers and shakers but hey ya never know!!!!

    1. I too talk about it to people who look at me as if I have two heads! So post on FB,INSTAGRAM, and I’m on Twitter but never post.

  2. Hi Eric I look forward to your posts and predictions and have also shared with friends. Cheers Rose from South Australia

  3. Hi Eric,
    It might be worth branching out using instagram, facebook and even tiktok. A lot of people (especially younger people like myself) seem to watch a lot of short clips/reels on said platforms (generally less than a minute). Maybe you could create a bunch of short succinct clips which summarise predictions, and I think your expressive storytelling and 1900s theme you’re going for would also be catchy. If people see any interesting small snippet, they may be more likely to engage with the website and predictions as a whole. You could add a bunch of hashtags on those platforms to gather initial interest too

    1. I am on Facebook but your right more social media outlets would help. I tried to do the very thing your talking about unfortunately Spirit sees their message as sacred, they get very upset when one alter their message. However on the flip side if they have a short message.. why not post.

      1. That’s a good idea! You might want to post your videos on Bitchute too just in case YouTube decides to remove a video. This has happened to several psychics/seers.

  4. Eric you talk about remembering your past life, I am just curious if you can also remember your future life? Just trying to figure out if time is linear or our souls jump forward and backward in time between different life.

    1. Think of a tree trunk, then branches extending outward. Count the branches and those are all the different lives. But like branches there isn’t a past and future. Its all about the Trunk. Its the word “Past” that really doesn’t fit. The trunk of you is heaven. From there you can branch out in any timeline (of that space) . It is the understanding that the past and future, like a zipper, create the now. Its circular like the trunk of a tree. Understanding that wheel is essential to the success of my work. So yes I very much remember what we would see as the future, I try not to mention it because its all Aliens. No hiding it the universe is riddle with all sorts of Aliens and as soon as we really get out in space it is the equivalent of a cave man hiding in his cave for centuries and now walking into a Metropolis of endless life you had no idea existed. So its a bit of a head turner. Its also one of the reasons humanity will be perfectly fine in the future. Fun fact: My gift of precognition makes me a legend in the future. The way actors are treated now over hyped. Because this gift is essential for the navigation and exploration of space and time.

      1. Hi Eric, Are some of the guides and Spirit an alien of some sort? They are much more advanced and still they are patient with the human race, us “toddlers”

        1. They have been through it. But not really the same. The universe was much much smaller when they occupied it. A place totally foreign to any of us but they struggled just like us.

          1. That’s interesting do they know where they came from or were they created in the initial creation of the universe??

            1. Its not my place to trample on the beliefs of earth. I am just here to report the future. But being that I get the information directly from that place I guess I can share. Hope lightning doesn’t strike me. Where is my foil hat!
              The Big Bang doesn’t exist. At the center of the universe is them. Heaven sits at the center and heaven controls how large or small the universe will be. It is literally their backyard. Thats how they control it all because they are the hub of the wheel.

        2. On the flip side Earth is looked as the spoiled child in the universe. That child that hits his head on the ground several times throwing a tantrum and then has the audacity to complain his head hurts to his father. That kid.

          1. Since Earth is looked as the spoiled child in the universe, do you agree or have you been told that humanity is essentially quarantined in its play pin by aliens — in other words, have we been prevented from going further out into space until we stop our fighting and get our act together here on our own planet first?

      2. Thats really interesting. How long before the general population start to acknowledge the spiritual world and the spiritual gifts like science is today?

        1. As soon as we get out there in space. I know this sounds just odd. But there are species out there that have mastered death itself. To them death is just a transit system back and forth to the center. Now I don’t see those beings handing us the keys to that power but to see it possible drastically alters our understanding.

  5. Eric Sadhguru is starting a movement to save the soil of the planet. https://consciousplanet.org/

    You need to find a way to get in touch with him. Warn him about the climate change. He is someone capable of reaching any celebrity or politician to spread awareness and raise money. An enlightened man.

  6. Hi! I sometimes share information along with links to your site on another psychic’s site. He is fine with this. I give credit where credit is due. By the way, your Friends are amazing! PsychicGossip.Blogspot.com

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