Russian Naval War Games

We said it before anyone else, sneaky submarines in Norway’s territory. Russia, your blustering about the west staying out of your territory, but it’s a hard sell when you seem to have no problem going into everyone else’s. The facts haven’t come out yet but that would be one epic coincidence if these two aren’t related.

World Prediction: Norway Submarines I had a visual of the Nordic region. An image of Finland, Norway and Sweden at a distance above. Then I flew down to see happy people living in their communities. Then I went to the depths of the ocean, hidden, unknown was submarines covertly moving. 

Another Historical Prediction that happened: The Tianjin Explosion happened August of 2015 and was predicted July of 2015

Notes on 7-16-15    I had a visual of an explosion, fire.
China.. 18.. such a horrible tragic event.. terror.. around 650.. a massive situation. Vehicles destroyed.. one of the absolute worse. (It was implied to be a terror attack but oddly they presented it as a fire?)

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  1. The Russian subs were in international waters. But hey if you are going to pint the finger at Russia for being in international waters I remember when the USA put an American nuclear submarine in New Zealand waters, claiming it was a Russian rub to try and make New Zealand remove its antinuclear policy. America is the worst threat to freedom and peace in this world than any other country. The world would be a lot more peaceful without America, who funds terrorist nations as long as they do what they ask and who treats its allies like shit.

      1. Two cookies in reality!

        I live in an ally-nation & are very happy to have the US on our speed-dial. (alleged faults & all!)

          1. But the good things in & about the US & the spirit outweighs them.

            Bad news sells, hence “faults” real or perceived, will generally get more notice, than attributes.
            And how so now with social-effing-media “opiates” “numbing” the world.

  2. Russia and china are the bad guys, the USA created the coronavirus, then shipped it to china. The current USA president is a pedophile whose sone raped children, and whose daughter wrote about joe having inappropriate showers with her as a child, but still the pdophile that writes this blog supports Biden, don’t worry pedophile I’ve reported you, your foster children will be protected from you

      1. Eric, in all seriousness … Anonymous needs to be blocked forever. Pretty sure you’ve dealt with him before.
        Obviously this individual needs more than a few cookies.
        Don’t give them a platform to spew their hate and propaganda.

        1. Unfortunately when it says “Someone” that means it’s anonymous. So yes I could block them, but they can just say something again. The other solution is to self approve all comments. I do that when I post a political message. That unfortunately slows down you. You won’t see your messages until I approve them. So if I am cooking, I am not approving. The solution everyone else uses is to require you be a subscriber to comment. I still want the door opens a bit longer before I pull that trigger. Closed doors aren’t me. So out of the movie with the “Monkey King” Jet Li, I just make it fun, happy. Temporary solution

      2. I loved that comment! Let’s ALLL have some cookies!! I’m bringing tea, how do you feel about lemon zinger? Or does hibiscus sound better? I have a shirt that says “be a nice human” I’m wearing it to the party. So make it casual yet meaningful attire. Lolololol

  3. Absolutely not cool at all Anonymous! It’s ok to have your views but insult Eric with such nasty word and that’s were you’ve lost your case! We need positivity!lifting each other up not putting us down! like Eric says, be nice! I’d block him or her Eric

  4. I feel bad for the Ukrainians…it must be scary, knowing Putin could invade any time. He gets so worked up about them wanting to join NATO, but maybe they wouldn’t be so eager to if he didn’t have a history of oppressing people. Russians have no real freedom of speech under him, and Putin arrests anyone who so much as disagrees with him….I don’t blame Ukraine for not wanting to live under that guy.

    I don’t think Putin cares at all about the people who could die if conflict breaks out, Ukrainian or Russian. He’s willing to send young Russian soldiers to their deaths, all for his own ego. I hope he comes to his senses, but I wouldn’t expect him to change–unless he has a Scrooge-like encounter with the three ghosts in “A Christmas Carol”.

        1. No, I’ve missed most of the recent shakes which is odd, as I’m usually quite tuned in to them. I’m in Christchurch though, I’m not sure how well it was felt here. And we’ve had our fair share of them here!

    1. Hi Pete.
      I’m worried about what you say regarding a “new” disease or variant emerging late this year & into 2023 & 2024, which particularly effects children.

      The stress & suffering this would inflict on families goes without saying. The Secondary crisis would be massively economic because with children getting sick & at risk, almost overnight, one parent, will have to give up work, be furloughed etc, to provide care & safety.

      This will crash the workforce by 50% in most industrial countries.

      I feel the world economy is going to be seismically altered beyond imagination.


      1. Hi Russ. No mate, it’s not me saying it but my Spirit Friends and yes assuming it happens, the domino effect will bring the world to it’s knees. But in order that we willingly start to look after the world’s people and not the very rich, things must change. For too long we’ve ignored the peoples of the world and their plight in favour of our own, and that won’t continue in this new Aquarian age.

  5. This Week’s Blog Is A Continuation Of The Meditation Blog From The End Of Last Year.
    The Doorway To The New Age:
    “This new Aquarian Age will eventually open humankind up to a level of Wisdom, Knowledge, Love and Truth from the Highest Calibre that will pour out like pure water, not just though a selected few, as has been the case in this past Pisces age, but through all who choose to live a pure, unadulterated, honest, peaceful and truthful life.”

  6. I live in Finland. Are we in danger here? We do not like to join Nato but maybe we have to? Then Finland will be part of conflicts if Russia attacts Ukraine. What else Putin wants? To break EU. Nothing stops Putin?

    1. There is a prediction that actually warns the Nordic sea that hidden underneath is Russian subs. It’s very stealthy, very spy like. Threat? No. More like some unwanted guest.

    2. He wants a specific piece of land on the East. All this bluster is to whip up tensions like a toddler crying to get what they want. It doesn’t help that we whip up tensions too. But that is what he wants. According to Spirit.

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