World Prediction: Japan Earthquake Coming

I had a visual of the ocean then it shifted to show a seismograph running horribly wild. Then a map was made, from an ocean point a line was drawn heading towards the area of Tokyo Japan. Then it shifted again to the ocean and it’s waves moving back and forth.
Again they showed 22 as if it arrived? Perhaps the 2nd?

I apologize for my absence, my family as you know always comes first. But that’s no excuse for my abrupt absence. My sister specifically had a horrible situation with her surgery. What is with this era we are living in? So gritty, so rough? We have a go fund me link if you have the means to help or share, I know it’s tough for all of us right now. This storm we are all in can really end now.

Marcus dressed in his finely pressed suit, has shown me a walk in fridge filled with eggs. So many eggs. Stacks of them. It’s a message that now we go back to work. Each egg a new message waiting for me to crack. Each message another piece of our future that we need to be warned about. Let’s begin.

37 thoughts on “World Prediction: Japan Earthquake Coming

  1. Eric do you the magnitude of it and the 3rd earthquake? Imagine a 9 striking

    1. Eric do you know the magnitude of the Japan earthquake and the 3rd earthquake? Imagine a 9 striking

      1. The original prediction compares them to 1949. The year was hit with three back to back large quakes with extensive damage. But 9? That would be comparing it to a 1906 earthquake.

  2. Eric, I just read your sister’s story. She looks like such a good hearted person. I wish her the best. And all of you. Thanks again for all the predictions you and your guides share with us

  3. Please pray for the Afghan people. The poor woman are about to see such horrors. I can’t believe we abandon them.

    1. It’s a horrible situation in Afghanistan. I don’t know what the solution is anymore, every option puts someone in danger. On one hand, we can’t abandon our Afghan allies, on the other hand I worry what the Taliban will do if we try to stay longer, whether they might then turn their weapons on the soldiers at the airport.

      I hope the government finds some way to do both–to save our allies and protect our troops–I just don’t have a clue how they can do it.

  4. Eric,
    I am praying for a speedy recovery for you sister and glad to hear from you here again. This is off topic, but there is a tropical cyclone name Ida heading to Louisiana and is forecast to hit the same day Katrina hit as a possible major hurricane. Is this the 2nd Katrina Spirit has been warning about? Hope not, but lots of similarities happening with this one.

  5. I pray that this predicted great ocean earthquake striking Japan (sounds like the last one dated March 11, 2011, with a 9.1 magnitude that included a destructive tsunami) happens after the Tokyo Paralympic Games are complete on September 5th. Anything about Afghanistan situation from Spirit? My heart is in great pain about the suffering of the Afghan people and the brave and selfless military members from the Afghan military and other countries’ military members that gave so much….for what? I am emotionally tired.

    1. Me too!! I mean emotionally how much are we expected to consume here. What a monster situation. As we catch up with predictions I have to give autonomy to Spirit, but I have no doubt they will cover this horrible situation. Unfortunately when I saw it unfold, I thought, that’s how isis rises again.

  6. Guess work : If you assume 22 is minutes, the date could be 17 Sept 2021 ?
    If you take 22 as a Numerological date : (a date that adds to 22), there are 3 Dates that add to 22 = 8 Sept, 17 Sept, 26 Sept. ?

  7. Eric what are the spirits saying about Corona’s origin? Was it man-made or naturally transmitted from animals? Was it leaked on purpose for some agenda?

    1. It is natural. They said it was natural and when I asked them about the lab. Honestly they found it funny that humans actually think they can rival the unwavering force of nature. The original prediction shows it spreading from China. But it is just as any other Pandemic in the past. Ruthlessly horrible.

    2. Actually, I just heard yesterday that the US has been investigating the activity in various places in China. They are finding that the black market for wild animals may be the culprit. But, they are still investigating.

  8. what magnitude do you expect ?

    will it be more destructive than the haiti earthquake?

    1. Like the 1949 message I am expecting 3 large damaging earthquakes, one is huge, the other two are damaging. I am not expecting a simple shake. However I am hopeful for more details. In previous earthquakes they gave us magnitudes. We have to weigh that with our need to focus on hurricane information. It’s a race to the information.

      1. Btw if you know by the magnitude is gonna be the same as alaska, sandwich islands and new Zealand or more btw is one of the earthquakes you saw are one of these earthquakes and you don’t didn’t know?btw do you see any bad earthquakes in Greece this or next year worse than Samos earthquake 7.0+?

  9. Eric I’m so sorry to hear about your Sister’s ongoing health issues. What a horrible time she is having. I am sure it has been very hard for You, Bea and all of her loved ones to go through as well. Family is everything. Praying for Brianna and sending healing energy to her. ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

        1. Unfortunately right now our big fat telescope is refocusing on time itself and not the events. So for now I am only picking up specific times of jolting change. 1:20 is some type of whopper. It’s an entirely different way of predicting. It’s also taking a long time to get down lol. So I am cut off from asking temporarily.

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