Space Race

The New Era, now in motion. Space the final frontier. The Era of “Eyes Open” is now coming, the era of “vulgarity” closes.

The Birth of a New Era (Posted 2013) For so long humanity has lived their lives as caterpillars, staring into the stars with blissful awe. Now, now is time for the caterpillars to become butterflies. In this Century humanity will begin to reach out into the stars. First it will be for the rich, but not so long afterwards everyone will be welcome, and the sky’s the limit. Your giving birth to a new era.

I had a visual of millions of caterpillars on earth becoming butterflies flying straight up to the stars.

They compared this situation to cell phones, at first it will just be for the rich, but decades later be available to anyone who wanted it.

17 thoughts on “Space Race

  1. Amazing times ahead. I was a little worried while watching after your recent prediction about a mishap/tragedy occurring in space.

  2. Eric, I remember you posting the Economy would soon go down after the pandemic started. Its holding out fine so far. Any updates on this?

  3. its kind of a bummer for me, I’ll be too old to really enjoy such a spectacle by then, but then again I imagine the space craft is not going to be all that impressive in this century unless there is some unexpected surprises.

    Now if they can figure out how to work the mythical FTL technology then maybe I’ll pay more attention.

    1. Yes! and that is why it is epically big. It isn’t what we are doing here. It’s what we are about to find. It’s what’s over there that will change all things.

      1. I hope at least will finally get to meet our first Space Neighbors if they feel we reached a certain plateau in our lifetime, I’ve read now and again psychics predicting such things soon, but how soon is the question.

  4. Hilarious! I think not having President Trump in the Oval Office has dulled your ‘advisors’ viewing of world events! Like how that NASA released yesterday that due to a ‘moon wobble’, they GUARANTEE that the coastal cities of the world will be devastated (if not wiped off the map) by GLOBAL FLOODING related to sea level changes and completely different tide cycles as a result…by 2030! Even in areas that are not coastal, they are calling for drastically changed weather patterns related to such a ‘tidal shift’! This ‘prediction by NASA’ will potentially affect up to 4-Billion immediately, and the remainder of earth’s population by weather changes on-or-before the year 2030!
    You can validate this for yourself by querying ‘NASA’, ‘Moon’, ‘Wobble’, ‘Flood’…in one search parameter…

      1. I think that’s pretty sad someone would think its hilarious. What’s hilarious and ironic about this comment is that the guy that wrote this lives on our planet I imagine. So I don’t think it will be THAT funny to him if he gets wiped out.

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