The Lost City of Gold

This prediction continues to unfold. The gold part is now clarified. It’s very exciting to see our past in a more accurate light and to take a break from being Mr Doom. Happy News for once.

World Predictions: 9-18-20 I had a visual someone stumbled on a golden city, like El Dorado, the entire place was both ancient and oddly new. It had a glow. The ground was old thick bricks. 
On one end this might be about me, sudden success all at once? Or it’s a world prediction about archeology. 

14 thoughts on “The Lost City of Gold

  1. Love this Eric! What’s even more interesting is that you made this prediction in September last year, which is when they first started excavating the site. Bang on!

  2. I like hearing about lost cities being found, there’s so much about our history that we don’t know, and it’d be cool to find out more about how people lived thousands of years ago.

  3. I guess we’re all wondering why our Spirit Friends are so quiet. I’ve noted that not only Eric and myself and other mediums have had no new prediction for quite some time, very few of the ones we have already passed on have come to fruition. It is almost like a lull before a storm. Lets hope it’s not severe.
    Anyway my latest Blog is not for everyone and is definitely controversial. Stimulation creates growth might be the best motto for you before you read it. Pete


    1. I had the impression that maybe Eric had enough of this stuff and was gonna cash in his chips.

      1. He’s had times where he was silent for a long time, then when he came back, he explained he’d had health issues. I’m guessing that might be what’s going on now. I just hope Eric’s okay.

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