Prince Philip Passes

This tragic prediction has happened very close to the date. My prayers are with you all in the United Kingdom.

World Predictions 3-16-20 Oh Philip.. we welcome you.

8..7 later they would write 4. The numbers could be April 8th, or a countdown. If it’s a countdown it’s coming very soon, because the message was a few days ago. 
To welcome someone implies they will pass away, since Spirit is saying it.

6 thoughts on “Prince Philip Passes

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the British Royal family …
    may light an love fill their hearts loosing a loved one always leaves a void only love and heavenly light can fill …
    I pray for Queen Elizebeth her beloved will always walk in her heart and be reflected in the faces of her children and Grandchildren .they will be a great Comfort no doubt ..
    Her Majesty is a strong women seen much and endured may it hold her in good stead ..

  2. Prayers for the Royal family. Glad to see you back here Eric. We miss ya. Looking forward to your future predictions. Lots of natural disasters are already happening this beginning of April. 😬🙏

  3. Vale Prince Philip.

    ‘Tragedy’ isn’t the word…… 99 a death by natural causes is not tragic, it’s welcome & after that innings….to be celebrated as part of a long life well-lived.

    Respectfully & naturally, I think the Queen will pass before Christmas.

    At three quarters+ of a century together…energy merges & combines on the Earth-plain almost as it does when discarnate. So I reckon The Queens time is pending in the nicest & most natural way.

    1. Oh I hope not. The Queen’s mother lived past her 101st birthday. Hoping for the same (in good health) for Her Majesty.

      She and Prince Charles looked happy and at peace in those photos from Easter, when they had to have known the end was imminent.

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