Rockets Hit Iraqi Airbase

The prediction from a year ago continues. Prayers for the safety of all. Protect our troops.

World Predictions 1-6-20 What will Iran retaliate with? I asked Spirit.  
I had a visual of a clock running down 1:24, 1:23. This places their revenge right before or right after March. 
World Predictions 1-3-20 USA.. Iran.. a bombing.. an attack.. back and forth.. the two nations poke each other.. the path to war being set. 

Now comes the details of this ongoing saga between Iran and the US. On WORLD PREDICTIONS 1-6-20 they showed a clock ticking down. Someone pointed out that the clock might not be a countdown but a date. 

I had a visual of a TV screen split into four, there were four separate attacks coming. 
I had a visual of a battleship in the ocean, then another visual of other commercial ships, then it shifted to show another visual of ships at a distance, Smoke was bellowing from them (or one) as if attacked.  

“Hezbollah campaign… attack.. assassinate.. maim… ambassador.” “Pull him (or them) out right now.” 

19 thoughts on “Rockets Hit Iraqi Airbase

  1. Yikes, I hope things start calming down soon. Conflict is the last thing anyone needs right now.
    World leaders have a difficult task–they have to defend their people and deter attacks, but also not cause enough damage to start a war with someone else. They all try to send the message not to mess with them, but the balance between warnings and provocations is so thin. We definitely need cool heads in these situations.

  2. We go from not getting into a war for 4 years to Biden putting us back in the Middle East within a month of his presidency, yeah, great choice for president 🙄

    1. And if he didn’t?

      He’d be a pissant leftest lacking the balls to stand up for America.
      Either way, he’s not gonna win in some peoples’ eyes.

      1. PS previous post referred to Biden on the bombing, not Trump on the Capital attack.
        (forgot how these IT threads load downwards)

  3. On this site and on Pete’s medium site, there have been several predictions related to the presidency of the USA. Various dates, timelines and theories have been mentioned by a lot of people.
    Today I saw a prediction made that was so specific that I start to wonder.
    The prediction: on March 28th 2021 there will be a new leader. A female leader.

    Is anyone’s antennea picking up anything?

  4. Just wondering about something that I am monitoring closely since I am concerned: Pope Francis visit to Iraq. I know he has to make this visit to support the people of Iraq (especially the ancient Christian congregations) in the midst of the chaos created by outside forces. I want him to make this trip. I pray for the well-being of the Iraqi people and their safety if this papal visit happens as expected on Friday (late Thursday night PST time). What say the spirit/s?

    1. There is a prediction that the pope will be killed in Iraq and WW3 will start because of this.

  5. You mentioned sometime ago about an earthquake in new Zealand. Today there have been three quakes near new Zealand of more than 7 On the Richter scale. The last quake was 8 in the last hour.

    1. Iceland’s been having a ton of small earthquakes lately, too. Scientists think it’s a precursor to a volcanic eruption, but hopefully it won’t be as disruptive as the one in 2010.

  6. maybe your time frame is nor so off.
    there was something about dates being simple but we were just not seeing it.
    Prediction was made on 1-6-20 with
    1:24 1:23
    Prediction made on Jan 6, 2020.
    Event hapoened on March 3 2021 which is 1 year later from the year of the prefiction and 2 months from the month of the prediction on the 3rd day of the month.

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