Lady Gaga Dog Walker Shot

This tragic prediction has happened. Stay safe Lady Gaga. Our prayers are with you.
What We Predicted in 2020 The Lady will be attacked, Lady protect yourself!” – The ‘Lady’ is a specific person. For instance Lady Bird or Lady Gaga. 

6 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Dog Walker Shot

  1. Good news…on the news, they’re saying the dogs were returned safely! Also, the dog-walker’s injuries were not fatal. Still a horrible thing to happen, but at least they all came through it okay.

  2. Eric, will you please delete my last name from the comment I made yesterday?
    It was entered accidentally by autofill, and I hit enter before I saw my error.

    If you can’t delete my last name, feel free to delete the comment

    I don’t like leaving personal info in public forums.

    Many thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it.

    Have a nice day,


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