World Predictions 11-13-20

I had a visual of another storm/Hurricane for the gulf. The image showed a trajectory crossing through southern Florida at an angle. Again there was concerns for Cuba. In the visual it moved with speed.

Meddling, stealing, lying, Russia what are you doing, why hinder solutions to Covid?

I had a visual of a large elephant become tiny.

I had a visual I was walking through a thick forest, then there was an olive tree? One olive formed. Then on a larger tree was carved letters that read olive but I believe there was other letters I could not see.
This sounds like it has ties to the Ireland prediction.

The last message was a large zero. We are expecting a prediction to happen very soon.

Big news: We have been waiting for the right moment. A moment in which the world predictions would be hard to contest as accurate. If you took the sum of our work it would be difficult to say, there isn’t something there.
Now comes “Truths” that are mind blowing. They go against the grain of what we have all been taught. We start with three whoppers. The first will go out tomorrow.
I feel like I am opening Pandora’s box for everyone, slightly concerned how this will play out. However life is so beautiful. I am honored to show all of you it’s far more beautiful than you think.

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  1. Wow..thanks, don’t be afraid to share. Whatever it is we can take it! Let’s agree we can disagree without getting the uglies going with others that are also here to learn!

  2. Maybe a metaphor.. olive branch ? a peace offering between republicans and dems?

  3. Oh how exciting, big news coming!
    I’m thrilled to hear of the shrinking elephant, the Ireland prediction sounds bad. Russia actively against the world getting a Covid cure, disgusting!
    If you happen on the animal communicator info please pass onto me.

    Read ya tomorrow!

  4. I can’t imagine the Truths being any more mind blowing than some of them have already been. This is very exciting. Thank you For all you do Eric!

  5. Does that mean that the Florida hurricane hasn’t happened? Wasn’t it tropical storm Eta?

  6. You posted the first prediction about being in a thick forest in March:

    “I had another visual that made no sense to me. I will post it perhaps it is the start of a larger message but the vision terrified me for some reason, so much I could not sleep, and yet the message was a simple one.

    “I had a visual of a girl around 10 playing in her backyard, oddly in the backdrop was a thick forest, so thick it would be difficult to walk through it. The forest was pitch black even though it was day time. The visual started with the girl playing with a toy tea set, then it zoomed into the forest, there was a humming noise and I suddenly felt terrified.”

  7. Perhaps the olive represents the Middle East where olives are quite popular or it might represent peace…….olive branches?

    1. The olive, known by the botanical name Olea europaea, meaning “European olive”, is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, found traditionally in the Mediterranean Basin. The species is cultivated in all the countries of the Mediterranean, as well as South America, South Africa, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States.

  8. Russia has made great contributions to science, music, and literature. It is so sad to see Putin now turning the talents of his nation’s people to causing sickness and death by spreading disinformation about Covid-19.

    Stop this, Putin! History will remember your evil. Turn your country back to doing what the world has admired about about Russia.

    1. I was wondering the same, Sara.

      Looking forward to the truths that are coming Eric! I sure hope another bad storm isn’t coming to Florida. The last storm didn’t seem to fully fit your prediction and now I wonder if that wasn’t it. Maybe this next one is.

    2. Because it creates personal and political grief for the Western Nations that laughed at Russia when it imploded in ’92?

    3. Yes. Here’s what’s going on. There are three main threats to the world right now. China wants to dominate the world and become the biggest greatest country on the planet. Russia wants to destroy America through disinformation and fake news. They want to pit people at each other’s throats so that we will destroy each other and then you have Germany. Germany wants to control all of Europe. After all they are mad as hell because the U.K. is leaving the EU.the EU that they are in charge of. Not to mention, the royal family are German as well. But that’s just my opinion based on what I’ve been observing in the news. But one thing all three want is the USA destroyed .

      1. Is it Time? Germans were part of WW I and WW II. there is a 27 year cycle of war and a 81 year cycle of war, the same dates.
        the next time of this cycle is NOW! 2020 to 2025! do not tell me that Germany will instigate or be involved in WW III?!
        If this paragraph that I am replying to, is true and real, probably so!

        1. Hi freestone: I was being brutally honest. I really do think it’s true. I hope I’m wrong but it’s not looking good. Germany has always wanted control of Europe and they were stopped the first time. They tried a different tactic but now there losing because the U.K. is leaving. And others I think will follow eventually. Germany is also trying to force the U. K. Into a bad deal where they will have to pay an astronomical amount just to trade. It’s pretty freakin scary what’s going on.

  9. “Large elephant turns tiny”. The world’s elephant population is becoming endangered in both Asia and Africa due to human causes such as poaching. This breaks my heart. Turning tiny means shrinking.
    .as in shrinking population….from big to tiny. 🙁

  10. Whole right-wing media supports Trump and lies, a coup!
    Can they win with aggression? That´s something nobody could have believed to happen in democratic country!

  11. About the Military Leader that you believe has something to do with the Presidency. I am not an American. I spent 10 years in my own Country’s military and worked with the American military. There are very Great Ethical leaders in your military. Your country’s enemies might attack you because there is so much confusion about who would be the Commander in Chief. The Leaders in your Military would face a massive ethical dilemma as they might be forced to step in and deal with the attack. This is a dilemma because in theory they might need to make a decision to respond by attacking another country and to do so without clear orders from an Elected President is a bit of what I will say are the rules by which the military operates. Americans who have been in the military could expand on this. May Peace be with you. And I say that as a phrase that is used in many Christian Churches as a true desire that you find Peace within your Heart.

  12. “Russian, North Korean Hackers Target COVID Vaccine Work

    “Microsoft has detected attempts from Russian and North Korean hackers to steal data from pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers

    “Most of the targets were directly involved in researching vaccines and treatments for COVID-19; many had vaccine candidates in various stages of clinical trials

    “The break-in efforts involved attempts to steal the login credentials of people associated with the targeted organizations”

    1. forgot to add, with this deal it seems erics prediction is not for short term. china is expanding its power and boosting economy

  13. Eric. Vauge connection. Probably in my life some big issue collapsed into small. Similarly if any person over phone was communicating some huge problem and was seeking spirits guidance, that may be spirits answer to that guy. Because you asked on his behalf. Ask all your clients to keep checking daily predictions and to connect it from precaution perspective. Because this prediiction big problem to small cannot apply generally. Cannot be seen in common thread. But for precautions like a cidents, crash fall etc, you ask your audience to take precautions when location is also given. Spirits have a habit of tracking things. If they need to inform that person who is ur phone client etc, when need arises layer they can give in vision and you ask them to take
    Precaution. Not applies to happy notes, solutions which donot come under action taking. Averting tragedies right.

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