Knowledge Forum

We are creating a Past Lives Regression Forum.
Let’s discuss some ground rules and how I hope this works. If it does we will have a monthly forum.
My hope here is to use this space, to share knowledge, so that we can all advance Spiritually together. So let us share what we know and share it on the next post that will go out promptly.
To be clear, that’s free. Do not try to sell your services here. I will erase it. This specific forum is free knowledge.
My hope is you share your experiences of “How To“ accomplish this Past Life Regression, I will read through your messages and then share them as one large post. Please stick to sharing how you achieve regression because that is what I plan to share. So please keep in mind, you have an audience of 7.7 million. don’t use your full name or give information. However use your initials or Avatar at the end of the post so I can include it. I will be copying and posting so please edit the message with proper grammar. I am excited to see how this plays out.

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