Tropical Storm Christobal

This prediction is happening. Please stay safe everyone.

WORLD PREDICTIONS: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 3 Oh my.. the hurricanes are coming.. coming early. . Could there be a worse time. 

I had a visual of an area beginning to flood rapidly. 

“South.. South bend.. in South” 

They clearly said Louisiana. Then shifted to say the “South”, which I am assuming means the gulf region.
9.. 12

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  1. star48 Avatar

    Tropical Storm Cristobal could soon renew its strength by uniting with another storm system coming from the west to form one giant cyclone, forecasters warned, as missing boaters were found safe and sound.

  2. star48 Avatar

    Update ✔️
    Tropical Depression Cristobal Makes Rare Landfall on Great Lakes: Hurricane Winds; 300,000 People in the Dark; 10-Foot Waves; Massive Rainbows and Spectacular Iridescent Clouds in Ohio and Michigan

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