Donate To First Responders Children Foundation

Covid19 Emergency Response Fund

I am asking you to help those saving all of us from this Pandemic. Donate to our first responders. If everyone donated just a little here we would make such a massive impact. The future of the world is ours to change. — ELP

This link explains where your donations would go:

Here is where to donate:!/donation/checkout

18 thoughts on “Donate To First Responders Children Foundation

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I had to go to the ER this weekend & they had actual masks. I do understand some places have none.

      1. Hi Eric. Mate, I don’t feel good at all re your mom and the lack of face masks. Is there any way she can get around not having to use the used masks? Or is there any other way she can get dialysis without leaving home? Don’t want to worry you both, but that message came through strong when I read this. Pete

        1. And They have added: Your mum is extremely important to you and the future work you have to do. Again I don’t want to frighten either of you, but I can’t stay silent either. Pete

      2. Eric-
        A suggestion perhaps if you have not tried this yet…
        If you run out of face masks, Could you use a bandana or a scarf?
        Or maybe, double up a scarf (use 2 of them on top of each other??)
        I am sending you, Bea, our SWC and everyone out there great Health and peaceful loving times ahead.

  2. TY Eric, and I appreciate your efforts and great heart — but my Northeast-US career, nonvolunteer first responders (fire, police …) are well-compensated/benefited, as are their spouses and children.

    I prefer to donate to, and am donating to, well-vetted local food pantries, senior centers, restaurant and “gig worker'” efforts et al, which have been hard-hit in this pandemic and lack the benefits given to FRs and their dependents.

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