Sorry for my absence for the past few days. I did a number on my leg with a fall and recovery is taking a long time. On top of that my stomach and intestines reared it’s ugly head back into the scene. So I am a bit down , but will be back very soon.
We have a hold on any new email readings. I will need time to catch up. All other readings will be scheduled accordingly. Phone readings will continue as normal.

59 thoughts on “Eric

  1. So sorry things took such a turn. Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts for permanent healing. Sending light and love.

  2. Eric, sorry to hear about your fall and that your stomach and intestine problems are back again…. I know you’d just like them to disappear altogether.🙃Get some rest. Sending healing energy your way. 🌟🙏🏻❤️😇

  3. Eric,

    Are you forgetting to take care of yourself?🤔

    A side note.
    Will add more prayer…🙏🏻 For your recovery…


  4. Eric! Nooooo. Alright you got this. Fast track healing angels coming your way. Don’t get down on yourself as it is so easy to do when you feel derailed. Focus on resting. Think of this as your pause button. Love, light and prayers. You’ll be up and running in no time hitting the play button. 😉

  5. Eric, hoping you feel better soon, a lot of people, are going thru health issues, and accidents, at this time, breath deeply, and know, you are protected………..

  6. Mr. Eric,

    Please know I continue to pray for you and your family.

    In the name of Jesus Christ I pray you receive and manifest complete recovery, healing, restoration, and God’s perfect shalom peace. Amen.

  7. Sorry you’re not feeling the best, please feel better soon! Hope you heal in record time!

  8. Eric
    oh my …Leg up ..😁
    not a a place anyone wants to be in ..
    your Always in our thoughts …
    Praying for any pain to desist and tummy to be
    settled and behaving it self ..
    yep we slip sometimes on taking good care of ourselves ..before I eat it I ask my tummy do you approve ?🙄

  9. Praying 🙏 for you Eric. Sending you love and prayers for a speedy recovery. Please take as long as you need. Self care is very important.

  10. get well soon.

    i live in a senior home, falls are very common here. and can ruin a life. often indeed one falls because some other condition makes them not being able so well to pay attention to their soundings.

    too, often one has a self concept that is years behind the physical reality! like a mindset where one feels he is 50 but the body is really 80 years old!

  11. Sending healing love and light your way! Take it easy and all the time you need. We’ll be ready to welcome you back when you’re ready to come back!

  12. Sorry to hear about the health setback! I hope and pray for the healing to be soon! Keeping you in my thoughts…

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