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It didn’t take me long after my awakening to realize that the Spirits around me seemed familiar. I knew them. I felt safe with them. Marcus who was there when I was a small child and now oversees readings, refers to me as “brother”. The next time you get a reading and hear my dead silence as I listen that’s him. Macabe the conductor and boss of our operation is seen as a father figure by our group. Darcy a mother figure.

The way it was later explained to me was that we are all apart of a tribe in the Spiritual realm. Or we will be apart of one eventually. Try and understand the magnitude of this location, all life from all places come here, a place that serves forever. So being apart of a home a group becomes essential. It is the tribe that has our mission in mind, the goal, and our lessons center around that which carry over in life. This is not some tribe you might think of on earth. Its massive. Take for instance the first tribe is well into the millions. Known as the first ones or ancient ones, they were the first created by the creator. They existed before all of the major expanse in the stars. To the Hindus they are gods. To the Christians they are Angels. But the Spirits best describe them as elders of the Universe, while humans are toddlers who know only what is in front of them. These ancient ones have the pulse of the universe and the spiritual realm, they have the power to shift to both sides with an agenda in mind, they bring balance maintain the flow of constant change and evolution.

The tribe I serve is a unique one. They collect the wayward young souls and make them new again. That is to say individuals that at one time served the darkness, repented, and looked for a new home. Now after so many lifetimes of rebirth they are the warriors of the tribe set to dismantle the darkness in ways that are unique and unexpected. Like the Arab assassin in the dead of night. All while protecting what is righteous, what is good, and protecting those who preach compassion. That is our mission, and as a group we work to accomplish it. Think of the Oracle who serves the Tibet Lama Leader. The seers of old protecting the birth of a new religion. Or maybe its just someone willing to protect the righteous, the good in their own community. All of them serving to protect the individuals with a message of love and compassion. Our tribe has left its mark and is a testament that the lost can be found, the broken healed, the villian made into a hero.

I had a vision once that showed this epic tribal symbol on a marble ground. it was huge, the size of a basketball court. There were lines woven in on each other, a central arch, but my place was in a small corner where the lines crossed. I was proud and pleased with my place. It was unique. I was their messenger, their mail man, a link between the spiritual world that was so perfectly structured and good, and my second home earth that lacked all essential needs of compassion, love, kindness, and forgiveness.

Whether its Macabe, Marcus, Micah, Darcy, Mike, Levi, ‘D’. (Darcy Jr), the guards who protect us. The group that makes all of this happen is one that I have known for thousands upon thousands of years. I hear other psychics call them guides, but it just doesn’t do it merit. Caretakers perhaps or family would be better suited. I get it, its a hard pill to swallow that we have a family greater than the one sitting at your table right now. But how do you know whether or not that family, those you love at that table, aren’t apart of your tribe in the afterlife? So many lives we share over and over again. One thing I remember in great detail is Marcus has had multiple lifetimes with me in the past. In the last one we were brothers. Now he has advanced beyond a student of life and has become the teacher.

I asked Darcy and Macabe once, one who is the architect of all that you see both in readings and this site, the other oversees the work like the head of a tribe would, who are you to me? Are you a guide? A caretaker? They were quick to squash that and say “We are your family.” That’s how it is on the other side, and that’s who’s guiding you in life now.

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  1. Leo is god the father the sovereign sun which makes everyone a sun and daughter of Melchizedek. Everyone is a walking image of the sun. Our father who art in heaven. Church is on a Sunday which explains twin flames. Now the sun created with the Elohim. Now the sun created with yoh heh wah which is the great white spirit . The entire white race is related and the confusion of tongues is to blame. Your not Jew gentile Russian American German etc etc etc everyone is a walking image of god Melchizedek. See music video of sting if I ever lose my faith in you as an example. Different father son sun creations and different colours of creation but everyone comes from god. The sovereign sun Melchizedek has been in China Egypt Iran Mexico uk etc etc etc our father who art in heaven. Now add spirit. And the sun comes up the next day. If you new god existed you would not do the things you do. Everything is cause and effect just about so it’s wise to recognize everyone comes from god and remind people of this .

    1. Why do you say “white race”? We are all related; we all have our origins in Africa.

      1. I am confused with the message. I would warn everyone.. caution.. I will not allow racism on my site and that includes putting one race above another.

        1. I’m explaining different colours of creation in which in that creation your all brothers and sisters. Simplicity. The black race all brothers and sisters. China all brothers and sisters. White race all brothers and sisters. South America Inca all brothers and sisters etc etc etc
          Take out languages religion and nations and everyone comes from god

          1. Add North America Indians . All different creations . More than one Adam. 74 different variations of man with the same message.

      2. Agreed. And humans have traveled so many times over thousands of years, I believe everyone alive today is likely mixed race somewhere down the line. After all, we each have hundreds of thousands of ancestors, the odds of every single one being the same color as us can’t be that strong. I think that’s cool…it shows how deeply humans are connected, even if they look different.

      3. I hear you. I’m Christian. The Bible says God made man from the dust (dirt, soil) of the ground. What color is soil? Even so, Adam and Eve had perfect dna. ALL ethnic groups come from them. I don’t care what our physical features look like. We all come from them.

        There is one race.

        The human race.

      4. read the confusion of tongues done by Thoth of Egypt. Not German English jewish Russian etc etc etc
        There has been more than one creation. The sovereign sun who is god Melchizedek has been in China Mexico Peru Iran Egypt etc etc etc the church of the gold cross is one of fire. Now add the Elohim with the sun

  2. what a nice message Eric! I really hope we all have this kind of caretakers! your message is so comforting! 🙏 Thank your family too🙏🙏❤️

  3. That is so beautiful! For some reason I always thought I had a large family somewhere, even though I was an only child. I’d talk to them and say thank you when I saw a beautiful butterfly heard a bird sing sometimes. I grew up relatively alone out in the country. But always felt protected and safe, like I was cared for by someone or something bigger and stronger than family or people , I just thought it was the nature or outside. I was so thankful for the world around me, the animals the flowers birds! It’s so comforting to know and hear this from you. This is beyond wonderful. Thank you for sharing

      1. That is nice to know. I feel I was protected by them when I was young to give me strength to help others.

      2. Dad had a cousin that could talk to animals. No joke.

        Some people believe early humans could freely communicate with animals. That would explain how the serpent could communicate with Adam and Eve. Yet I’m told my holy text is a bunch of fairy tales…

  4. Your post brought me to tears. So powerful, so full of exponential love. I resonate with this. I too visit my tribe in my daily meditations. I have two tribes, although they are united they help me in different ways. I have one tribe called the Council and another Shaman tribe. I wouldn’t even want to imagine my life without them, they are my sight when my vision is cloudy, my hope and inspiration when I feel hopeless, and my biggest cheerleaders in life. I couldn’t have made it through the last year and a half of my life without them. So thank you for sharing this with us all.
    Much gratitude and many blessings to you.

  5. Thank you Eric for writing this! I too have experience with who I call “The Council of Elders”. You explained it in more detail, so that gives me a better understanding of who they are. Lately, I’ve been getting the thought “I need to find my Tribe” a lot lately.

  6. I love these post Eric, so much more than your predictions, I do understand the purpose of the predictions, these are just so much more comforting. One question, I notice the spirits have genders, being a male, I always thought it would be a valuable experience to come back a female to understand others perspectives. To walk in another shoes. Will I always be male, how does that work.

    1. That’s not entirely true. They presented themselves as I know them, but souls from what I know do not have a gender. It’s all energy. When I was the oracle of Delphi that was a female. As we choose lives there is a tendency to choose one gender more. Sorry for making that confusing.

      1. Is this to say our gender roles, ie: women=compassion, men=protectors, is just a manifestation of our physical body, the wiring per say and is not necessarily a structure of our soul/spirit?

        1. I don’t know if I would describe it that way, think more like a host occupying a shell, and that shell happens to be either male or female. More interesting is your personality, your Character is actually more tied to the soul.

    2. I think there is two sides of the same coin, one side is the predictions that happen that authenticate who they are, while then sharing the truth of what’s on their side. But I understand how anyone would rather read this.

  7. Thank you for sharing the overall sight. It makes sense. So we all working together on same goals to help improve our lives and the earth environmental.

    The nature and animals have their own tribes apart from people? Thought we all in this together despite the living forms.

  8. I still don’t know what to believe spiritually, but I like the idea of spirits being like family and specifically working to help us evolve. I can see why we humans are more like toddlers compared to angels/spirits…we have a long way to go to fix greed, hatred, and prejudice. We definitely could use all the help we can get!

    It’s an interesting idea that many in the group were one bad, but repented and now fight against darkness. It reminds me a little of the Biblical story where a man named Saul persecuted Christians, but after some type of vision from God, he changed his ways.

  9. Yes, thank you, Eric. This is intriguing and helps set the tone for the future posts.

  10. Can you tell us who these people are who are created first by the creator whom you called the ancient ones.
    Are they humans or some types of god.

  11. Thanks for sharing this Eric, it is very inspiring. I’m very curious, have they ever talked about the origins of darkness and why it seems there so much of a struggle with it even to this day?

    1. Yes they talked extensively over the origins of evil, something I plan to cover at a later date, it’s history goes far back beyond humanities existence

      1. Why do they care so much about us? Is that thier mission or job? Why do they help us? Thanks Eric

  12. This fascinates me, I once had a dream I was in some sort of ceremony and I think someone or myself was given some type of title related to Wisdom? I can’t remember the details but I do know they were all dressed in white clothing from what I remembered.

    Whether or not my mind was simply dreaming or I was actually seeing my tribe is unknown to me.

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