I am Back!

Wow that was bad, one of those events that leave a scar in the memories of yesterday. I was in the hospital and we could not get the bowel obstruction to go away. I felt like I was there forever, and the pain was horrific. Needless to say I am happy it’s over. I have a lot of catching up to do, I plan to fully get back to work on Friday. I am sorry for the massive delays in readings and appointments across the board, Bea and I will work diligently to set up the readings in order. I will try my best to respond to everyones messages in all the social media outlets. 

Now the interesting news, the Spirits are planning to test a new way of making predictions. The system in which they gather the information is different and so is the process that I use. The hope is to create a more accurate consistency and work towards events that are happening ‘now’ which means it should pass in weeks not months, something we continue to struggle with. Originally we were only planning to make small changes to the process this new process is extremely different. We are also gathering information on the next ‘Truth.. The Eviction”, the Truth will be a bit choppy as I have to explain the two opposites, the divine and the darkness, followed by the end result. Once written, Spirit then has to give it their stamp of approval, so I don’t have an exact date yet. 

Thanks for all the wonderful support! I continue to be in awe over how much support so much of you have given, your kind words, your donations during our rough year (and it was rough!), and your overall love. I am truly greatful.

45 thoughts on “I am Back!

  1. Good to hear Eric! Now try keeping your butt out of that hospital lol Give my best to your mom

  2. Eric, so glad your back on your feet again. Lets hope all this bad stuff is behind you and you and your Mum have only good stuff to look forward to. 🙂

  3. I’m so Thankful you are better! Nice let’s all be better and lots of positive energy for the upcoming year! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! Still, make sure not to rush back into work too quickly; if you need time to recover, we’ll all understand. Best wishes!

      1. Wow . …glad it passed! Pains are not so fun!! :/

        Grateful for both of you are well….please no rush. Health comes first. ♡♡♡

  5. Eric glad you are out of the hospital. So sorry to hear about all the pain you’ve been in.😧 Sheesh…it’s got to be a better year coming up for you and your mom…I’m praying it’s so!🙏🏻❤️🤗
    Wow excited about your trying a new process with predictions and reading the new upcoming Truth, “Evictions”.
    Blessings and Prayers for You and Your Family

  6. Eric, I am so sorry to hear that you had a bowel obstruction. The pain from them is absolutely horrific. I had a severe bowel obstruction many years ago due to an adhesion, so I have a sense of what you experienced. I hope you didn’t have to lose any of your bowel and are taking extra special care of yourself. Doing the kind of work you do can take a huge toll on the body, so i caution you to not start up work too soon and even then to do so with enormous care. You are an incredibly sweet and generous soul and I hate to think of you suffering.. I’m sure you realize how easy it would be to develop an infection after the surgery, so please take the kindness you so generously share with others and direct it towards your body and your ‘self’.

  7. Wow . …glad it passed! Pains are not so fun!! :/

    Grateful for both of you are well….please no rush. Health comes first. ♡♡♡

  8. Hello Eric I just post a note and then c.icked on to see if by chance you had messaged how you are doing in hospital and was so delighted to find out you are home. PLEASE take care of yourself , rest and don’t worry so about the readings I would prefer for you to take time to heal properly. Sending lots of love light and blessings to you both.

  9. Eric hiphip hooray ..
    Oh it’s the pits I had that several years ago soooo painful ..
    That’s it now all good ..
    Happy your home and on the mend .

  10. I know its not the right place to post but wanted to pass some knowledge.

    The Holy Trinity of all major religions

    Allah and the Dust Cloth Nutfah

    Brahma Vishnu Shiva 

    Jing qi shen

    GOD and the Father son holy spirit

    Sambhogakaya Nirmanakaya Dharmakaya

    Ba ka Akh

    Salt sulphur mercury

    New age
    Body mind soul

    “The Kingdom Is Within”

    Each religion and book is like a piece of a large puzzle. You need all to understand and know the kingdom within yourself.

  11. Sad to hear of your uninaginable pains, but so glad to hear you made it through the worst of them. I can understand the weight you bear and urgency of sharing future events, but nothing is more sacred than taking care of the urgent needs of your own vessel. Listen to those wise Spirits. Rest and emerge when you return to good health! Praying those darn obstructions are gone for good! 💖

  12. SWC,
    I checked go fund for Eric…no one has added anything in 26 days..
    One year…90 people. To reach just barely a 1/4 of the goal..

    I AM Disappointed….can you make 2019 better for Eric/ Bea?

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