Hello everyone, again I apologize for the glitch that prevented many of you from coming to my site and instead, had a pop up from google claiming a prize win. Both Word Press and I are searching for the source of this problem. For those of you who experienced this issue please answer the following for us, thank you.

Here’s what we’ll need:

  • The device/browser and operating system that it’s seen on.
  • Your IP address when seeing the ad – head to whatismyip.com to find that.
  • The exact URL of the page/post that showed the ad.

Thanks for your help while we look into this further.


10 thoughts on “WP

  1. I saw it a few times a couple days ago. I always go to your site from my iPhone 10, in the safari web browser set to “In Private” browsing. I’m pretty sure it was when I clicked into a recent post (maybe more than one) but I don’t know which. Can’t remember if I would have been home on WiFi, at my office on wifi or on my data when I saw it so IP I can’t help on either. I haven’t had the issue in the last couple of days.

      1. Absolutely will do! I tried to recreate by going to all the posts the last several days from 3g and WiFi but it didn’t happen again.

  2. Hello. I believe I remember you posted something about a new president being worse than Hitler. I was just reading about a new elected president in Brazil called Bolsonoro. People are saying he’s using the same slogan as Hitler, replacing “deutsch” with “brazil”. They say he’s racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. And his followers are using dating apps to target LGBT people to meet up with them with gangs that beat and kill them. People also said their followers are holding guns at teachers. I think you should take a look into it because people are talking about that president being a dictator.

      1. Okay because the more you read about it, the more creepy things you find out. He’s apparently related to one of Hitler’s nazis and approves of what nazis did. He wants to get rid of nature protection of the Amazon river, kill off all the indigenous people of Brazil, jail all political opponents, kill people he hates, etc. And with him wanting a national cleansing of people around the globe, he is starting to sound like Hitler. Think it’d be good to look into him more and gather more details. Some videos shown of him talking has him shouting and acting exactly like Hitler.

    1. Intends to transfer the Brazilian Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem; Netanyahu and Trump love him; he’s advocated a “civil war” to kill “30,000 people”, including its President; once vowed his first act as President would be closing Congress; said he’d rather his son die than be gay; vowed a “cleansing” never seen in Brazil’s history; he said he’ll bring back torture; once told an elected official she was too ugly to worry about being raped.

      Bolsonaro, by the way, reveres Israel: not just for fanatical religious reasons but also wants to replicate their militarism & “security” measures. He went there to be baptized, often met with Israeli officials. Illustrates Israel’s new strategy of aligning with the Far Right

  3. Eric if possible once you havethe info you need can you kindly hide or delete my posts so I don’t have to worry about others inadvertently clicking those links

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