Hurricane Willa And Vicente

This prediction is beginning to unfold. As Hurricane Willa and Tropical storm Vicente sit on the southern end of Mexico, and are expected to strike Mexico next week. That leaves their final message in their trilogy of storms, a northeast massive storm expected to unfold at the end of October. 

Predictions 10-7-18  First will come the tropical storms and then the three hurricanes arrive.

In this prediction below they predicted three major storms, Florida, Mexico and mid to north east coast. 

Prediction: October Hurricanes P2 In Yucatán.. Veracruz.. Mexico.. another storm.. horrible


20 thoughts on “Hurricane Willa And Vicente

  1. You are definitely on it, Erick. I saw the Weather Channel forecast for Vincente/Willa to cross MX and travel to the east coast. I knew then that this is very likely our bomb cyclone. I’ve got folks on alert right now and will keep putting out the warning. Thanks, Erick.


  2. I posted this on another page but I meant to put it here.
    This is coming to where I live in CT. It will probably be as bad as the Halloween nor’easter we had in 2011 when we had up to 24 inches of snow. We were out of power for almost 2 weeks in some areas, and there was billions of dollars of damage across the northeast from broken and falling trees, roofs collapsing from the weight of the snow and dangerously high winds. It was unbearably cold and, because we had no power, we were freezing and many people had to relocate to shelters. I am hoping this storm isn’t as bad. I remember walking to the store at night during the storm and it was so dark and so eerily quiet you could hear the trees groaning and creaking from the weight of the snow. There were still leaves on the trees, which made the weight on the branches even heavier. I heard branches breaking and falling as I walked. It was scary. I dread having to go through that again.

  3. I am here in NJ watching the weather. Spreading your post and hoping for the best! Thank you Eric!!

  4. Hi Eric,
    I don’t see anything forming in the Atlantic that could be here in time for your prediction in the form of a northeast Hurricane. There is a possibility of Wilma remnants feeding a pretty good Nor’Easter in that timeframe. Could this be what the prediction is about?

    1. Hi Paul, we aren’t expecting the storm to really come together until the 27th. It’s the 31st, or as they put it when the candy is in the bag, which becomes a danger to everyone. That does seem unrealistic for a storm to gather in strength that quickly but I put out what they share unabridged.

      1. Hi good afternoon, has anything changed on storm prediction that is suppose to develop on Oct 27? Am in the northeast and have been on alarm since first prediction.
        Thank you in advance

        1. I am keeping an eye on the weather for the 31 st. The original prediction pointed to Halloween. Even though there is a storm hitting now, which might be why they showed the 27 th, it does not fit the magnitude of their prediction.

  5. Hi Eric,
    Paul again. I am in the NYC area and it looks like we are getting a pretty strong Nor’Easter this weekend, fueled by the Willa hurricane remnants. Thanks to your prediction, I did some extra storm preparation. I hope this storm fulfills the prediction and there is not another one behind it. It seems that this one will follow the path you described, but it will move more quickly.

  6. Eric,SWC,
    Tropical Atlantic


    November 10, 2018 09:15 AM
    Updated 35 minutes ago
    We know many of you have unboxed the Christmas lights and thoughts of facing your [insert politician name]-loving nephew over Thanksgiving dinner has you dreading the holiday season. But keep this in your thoughts, too: it’s still hurricane season.

    The National Hurricane Center has plopped an “X” on the map and a cone that shows a disturbance out in the Atlantic that, if you extrapolate the cone way, way outward, takes it on a path toward Florida.

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