Paris Knife Attack

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety of those in France.

Two attacks? Perhaps they are talking about the two areas of the attacker?  The Obama reference has to be related to his return to politics, its becoming common for them to use current events as a precursor to their predictions. The attack took place at 11pm on the 9th. However they mentioned their expected issue with the days by saying “in a day or two”. The last line might just be a refence to Macron’s scandal. No explosions took place.

Last night Spirit mentioned a light coming on then showed the number 10. A prediction is coming that was marked with 10. Its possible they are talking about this event, the only other prediction I can think of with the number 10 is: “New Zealand.. Eric the moderately large earthquake is in the area where the land sticks out.. not Wellington.. 9.. 10”

Prediction Paris Attack  I had a visual of a newspaper falling that read ‘France Attacked’
“Paris Attack.. two dueling situations”
“The first at a park (stadium?).. explosive situation.. lady”
“Right now.. when Obama is around.. in a day or two”
10  — Spirits Voice

“The leaders will turn on the French president”

12 thoughts on “Paris Knife Attack

  1. With what’s happening in Idlib Syria, I looked back at the prediction about Assad being poisoned and the months of September and October were mentioned. So I guess we’ll wait and see — maybe the prediction of the US jet backing down also relates to the escalation in Syria happening right now.

    1. Rhona2,
      @ 22 feet ,wow
      , the height of the tsunami wave in Lisbon 1755 eq… Lisbon..
      Eq,Water and fire….
      ( it was higher in other areas… eg .Spain)

      1. Star 48
        All I know is I don’t want to meet a tsunami that high ….
        Unimaginable experience ..
        I wish no one had to experience that .😢

  2. In France there have been several attacks in recent days, plus all that the media hide so as not to frighten the population.
    Regarding Macron, there was the case Bennala that broke out this summer, in 2 weeks this person will be questioned by the Senate for what he did.

    1. They’ve been hiding information from people? That’s low. They should tell them if a lot of attacks are occurring, so people know to be cautious.

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