My Anchor

Starting on the 19th, I will be spending less time on my work here as Bea does her surgery and we assist with support. I can’t say exactly how long I will be offline, only that it will be on and off at various times. Unfortunately this great telescope I am always glaring into that predicts the future does not have mirrors. So in my absence please don’t think I am ignoring your emails and comments. I am still doing readings prior to the 19th but the few days afterwards will be blocked.

I have always called Bea my Anchor. So many people look at who I am as an enigma of sorts. Some marvel at my connection to spirits while others act with excessive caution. The Spirits presence around me always creates an air of awe and fear. Bea is that rare person that reminds me that I am just another human being, flawed like all the rest of us. That I am still that child that sucked his thumb as a baby, and eats way to many cookies as an adult. She keeps me grounded and reminds me of the importance of humility and helping others. I have no doubt that the Spirits chose her to be in my life, to ensure I am kept in check from allowing my own head to get to big and yet she is probably my most adamant fan. She has no problem telling complete strangers like the banker, the nurse, the waiter what I do, “If you need advice.. If you need to know your future.. just talk to my son!”

Thank you all for your continued support. From my health issues to now hers its been a bit rough. Some of you have asked how you can help, and if you would like you can make a very small donation during our rough spot, but most of all we ask for your prayers. Thanks
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52 thoughts on “My Anchor

  1. Eric,
    Family what can be greater…..I hope that people will donate…
    I pray for you and for Bea everyday…and will continue to do so..πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  2. Eric, no worries with popping in and out. You need to be there for your Mother and surrounded by your Family.
    Please know that myself and my family members will be thinking of Bea and praying for her during her surgery and hospital visit. We will also be praying for love and light and healing energies to enter in and surround you All. May God and the Angels surround and hold you all in the palm of their hands.
    Please let Bea know that from one mother to another, it has always been evident to me that she has been, is now, and always will be your Anchor. She is truely a wonderful example of Love.❀️🌟

  3. Keeping Bea in my prayers for a successful surgery, good health and well being. She’s very proud of you and the work that you do for helping humanity and rightly so. I keep you both in my prayers.

  4. Eric,
    You are so blessed to have such a lovely mom.To hell with the internet .Go offline . Taking care of Mom is the most important thing in the world right now..
    We will still be here when you get back… A mother’s love is so precious. Nothing compares to it.. Wishing you and Bea find health and happiness at this time.

  5. Blessings and prayers for Bea (and you). Eric, it is so wonderful that you have a loving mother. I know you will take good care of her as she has taken care of you. Peace!

  6. With so many planets in the 12th house of home and family, it’s a time of taking care of family and home matters! Best of luck, hope to see you back on after You take care of You and yours! I have a family reunion coming up that should prove to be interesting. So Best of luck!! And get well soon, both of you…

  7. I belong to a support group for caregivers of Alzheimer’s, dementia. they say that 60% of all caregivers will die before their charges. the stress is so so high.
    too, I have known a number of people who quit their nice job to move back to Mother, or other family member. I knew of a lady here where I lived, where her mother and father both were now in a nursing home. the home was in Kentucky and she lived in Florida. she got a call that father was dying. she drove right up and by the time she arrived he was gone. she then called the front desk to say that now she will quit and move back to her hometown to be with her Mother, only one more trip back to Florida to close out her apartment.
    after mother died, she knew that now her real home was there in Kentucky. her mother lived on for like five or six years, the lady was now acclimated to living in her old hometown.

    many people, thusly, find that now they are caregivers and quit their jobs, go back to rural acres from the big city…

    I am beginning to wonder if *that* is the real spiritual path for most people, no matter how “important” their career is! to care for family, to put family first. at the rate the baby boomers are aging, soon nearly everyone will be a caregiver of some sort!!

    thus I will “Forgive” you, Eric, if soon we never hear from you again, as people’s needs to be loved and cared for might trump your own wants. that by the time her problems are finished, or that she Leaves, you too might then need to be cared for by others. even after she passes, there will be the Will and the estate, can take years to settle an estate. then there are your other relatives too.

    there is plenty of time before the sun burns out from old age, plenty of time in many many many lives, to do one’s projects! what is the hurry?

    then too in this age where many souls might have this present life on earth to be their last earthly incarnation, maybe one should spend that last life tying up loose ends from all of the other incarnations past!!

    I actually feel that the Lord Enabled the high divorce rate and live-in marriages as their might be a dozen souls from other lives, now incarnate, that one needs to be with, to tie up some unfinished business karma from another lifetime!

    one does not walk through the shining gates of Paradise for the last time until there are no ropes tied to you, going back to earth! you have to turn around and work out each and every rope! thus many have to enter this Gate facing backwards, backing through the gate!!

    so please take care of your mother, and your relatives, then yourself. may everything work out well for all around you, concerned, including yourself. in a sense *we* do not need your advice! each of us has our own Source sitting there, within, our own connection to the Christ.
    so go off without a feeling of “need” that you have to give us all counsel!

    so I wish you well in your life path journey, Eric.


  8. Sending you both healing light and love.Enjoy your time with your mum Eric, it something that you will always treasure looking back in time. ❀

  9. Nothing is more important than the health of our loved ones. Please take all the time you need. Prayers, light and love to you all during this difficult time.

  10. Praying for love, lights and healing upon your precious mother, Bea. Shall the money shower from above to meet the medical needs. It’s what “brothers and sisters” are for looking after each other. Take great care. β™‘β™‘β™‘

    I will light the white candles to pray for your mother’s power of healing and comfort. The 19th is the surgery date, right? Is it in the morning schedule for a surgery? Then I shall light the candles before, during and after the surgery.

  11. I wish you and Bea all the best. Sending healing energy and prayers. We all need to make taking care of each other our first priority.

      1. Eric,
        I put article on 6-1-18 thread just before 10 an …Russia is blocking a lot of info…
        Looking to keep news positive..,
        I will see if there are any more updates…

  12. All the best to you and your mother – you already know that things are going to be OK for the pair of you, now you just have to do the work. Looking forward to whenever you feel ready to return.

    Incidentally, I left a message in a previous post but I don’t know if it registered with you. There was another, absolutely horrendous fire (luckily with no casualties) at Glasgow School of Art just as it was being restored after a previous fire. This one has totally destroyed the place and it’s probably unsalvageable. This is a very big deal for Glaswegians and Scottish culture. Charles Rennie Macintosh is to Glasgow what Gaudi is to Barcelona. There will be much interest in what caused this, especially with the other major fires in the vicinity.

    1. Beachut,
      I think the same…arson…
      What are the odds of twice…and the timing is more than suspicious…

  13. Awweee, she sounds like a totally terrific mom and I am glad she has you to help her.! Prayers love and light. I know she is so proud of you but she is an anchor. And a great friend. A mom is the best friend we will ever have. Nobody can love as much!! Peace light and love.

    1. Nick ,
      It was in Trenton, New Jersey,

      It was an all night Art,food, music event..
      Several people shot ,injured..

      Added details..New Jersey shooting..

      The Trentonian reports that the shooting began a little before 3 a.m. Sunday at Art All Night, a community cultural event that showcases art, music and food. The event began Saturday afternoon and continued through the night. It typically draws thousands of people.

          1. Eric,
            I shall say extra prayers tomorrow…spirit is with you…
            Take deep breaths and let out slowly…think of all the prayers coming Beas and your way.

            I know when I had my hrs and hrs of surgery..that thought was a real blessing..
            I let go ;let god..

  14. Count on my prayers, Eric, for you and Bea, a great life example we should all follow and continue to do so after her surgery and well and fast recovery.
    May you two receive a warm hug loaded with all my love and good energy!
    Lili from Venezuela

  15. Bea sounds like a nice woman; give her everyone’s best.
    By ‘everyone’, that’s likely hundreds of people, so she’s got quite the cheer-team rooting for her!

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