Mueller Files New Indictments Against Manafort and Gates

This prediction has happened. Its a vague prediction, but its our effort to alter our trajectory from predictions that happen months later to predictions that happen days later. We still need to master gathering the details in a shorter timeframe. (4days)

Predictions 2-19-18  I had an image of Mueller. “Oh the indictments are coming”

15 thoughts on “Mueller Files New Indictments Against Manafort and Gates

  1. I thought this Astrological article very appropriate at this time Eric:

    “If Mueller gets too close, either to implicating Trump’s family, or the President himself, will he re-enter his reality TV persona and order the firing of the special prosecutor? Trump has already removed former FBI chief, James Comey.
    Trying the same on Mueller, is playing with fire. Yet it’s not beyond Trump who would simply sell it to his base as a plot from the globalist cabal, the ‘deep state’ out to get him. And there are enough conspiracy crazies out there in the media who will jump on board.”

    1. The time for Trump to get away with firing Robert Mueller passed a long time ago.

      1. No it hasn’t. Once Don Jr.’s indicted and others close to the WH, Trump could still fire Mueller.

        1. I kind of agree with Anita, Trump still has it in him to fire Mueller, what’s stopping him, the republicans, however I believe my prediction has passed and he is now making every effort to discredit Muellers Legitimacy. Nathan why do you feel that time has passed, just curious.

  2. Thanks heavenly! I am waiting for Trump to be fired from White house. Please, No more Trump soap opera thing. Plain tired of seeing his face …..he is simply dishonest with people and himself.

  3. Also a visual from yesterday 2-6-18, a bit vague: I had a visual of a building that had been engulfed in flames, it was clearly consumed by fire in a massive way. Location unfortunately was just the word ‘Europe’ . It is expected in the coming days.
    I know we had the Great Portland street fire but that didn’t really make the news here int he UK.
    Sadly this event happend which seems to fit better.

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