I am Sorry

I have made a huge egregious error. The Spirits have been counting down to something major unfolding in the next few days, I mistakenly assumed it was about France. It is not. The numbers in the predictions about France fit the timeframe perfectly but I made assumptions that had no merit. Yesterday the Spirits clarified the countdown is for the massive earthquake expected in the Indian Ocean. So the predictions made about the Attacks in France are not coming right now. I want to apologize to everyone who put their neck out there to bring awareness to these predictions, but most of all I want to apologize to the people of France for creating an unnecessary fear. I am very sorry.

24 thoughts on “I am Sorry

  1. I think it’s called being, “human”. That said, the silver lining would be a heightened awareness developed for any negative activities.

    1. I so agree with you texasbelle4732! The gift you have Eric is simply amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m a bit confused now Eric.
    Are we expecting the tsunami or a land earthquake next? On 1-3-18 spirit said that you had got it wrong and the terrorism would come before the tsunami. Does that mean we are expecting terrorism, the tsunami or the earthquake next?

    1. it says ocean so i’m presuming it’s not land, and i would guess this would cause the tsunami

      1. To be clear Eric, an earthquake can cause a tsunami if it occurs on land. I believe it has to be a quake where the fault line moves up and down against each other vs side to side. The fear is an earthquake occuring in between small islands which can cause massive tsunamis because the waves gain strength when going between smaller islands. I cannot remember the case Dutch was talking about what I believe it was a smaller tsunami that grew in strength because he waves were forced smaller islands on the outskirts and caused larger waves to the mainland. I could be wrong on that part but I know land earthquakes can cause tsunamis.

  3. Oh okay.
    Btw, I live in Indonesia. Local news report that there are a couple of light earthquake today across some region. Not big enough nor deep enough to cause tsunami or anything of the sort, but there are light damages in some area. (No one were hurt, at least not reported.)
    I know the Spirits aren’t taking question atm, but it will be great if they can be more precise on the epicenter area.

    I can’t help in getting this out unto the public, but I do know someone who live on the area, and at least I can warn him (and hopefully he’ll spread it, although no promise. He doesn’t believe in this kind of stuff.)

    Thank you, Eric. Good luck with your works.

    ps.: I just read more news. There was a 5.7 RS earthquake around Taipei this afternoon (local time.) No one were hurt.

      1. Eric here’s a good article on what’s happening geologically near Sri Lanka. It has a few pics on it too. I found it an easy read and was able to understand it fairly easy.
        Also could you do something like how the remote viewers do on Farsights Timecross Project. They just use a simple dry erase board and draw a pic while saying what they are seeing, hearing, smelling etc. I watch those either on their site or on YouTube. And no worries for France. You are only human and make mistakes. So they should really be better prepared now. It just gives them more time to foil attacks maybe.
        Here’s that article on the plates and Sri Lanka.

  4. Eric,
    Everyone makes mistakes, please don’t feel bad.

    Even if the France attacks aren’t imminent, it’s good to raise awareness anyway.

    Quick question: Any ideas about the surge in terror attacks, how long we have until they happen?

  5. Eric – this isn’t to justify your error….perhaps your reporting was spirit’s way of getting the word out earlier in order to help authorities in France to be more vigilant. It is not beyond Spirit to think of the “higher good”.

    I was the one with the huge tidal wave dream that indicated to me symbolically that the earthquake and tsunami will be on the Malabar Coast.

  6. I had a vision for years that 6 officers
    will be killed in the line of duty,
    Do you see this happening or just my imagination?

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