Unfortunately Eric had to return to the hospital again because of his intestines. Please send your prayers, and positive thoughts thank you.

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  1. mhb Avatar

    Oh no, I’m SO sorry to hear this. Prayers heading his way. I am asking for his healing and strong protectors so that he can fully heal and continue to help others.

  2. Lizziebee Avatar

    Hope he is better very soon x

  3. star48 Avatar

    Thank you for keeping us informed..
    Prayers for him….🙏🏻

    Side note …a reminder to all SWC….

    Please Please, do not forget to donate to gotofund for Eric’s medical expenses..
    We are only edging toward quarter mark..,

    1. mhb Avatar

      If you don’t have a credit card for, you can send money to a friend via PayPal using his email address: . Make sure to choose send to friend instead of services so it won’t be mixed in with his biz income. If you’ve done it properly, you’ll see the same image he has on his website (sort of a looking glass/globe thing).

  4. Sue Avatar

    Eric sending you love and prayers get well soon 😘

  5. Cynthia P Conners Avatar
    Cynthia P Conners

    Please help with all his hospital costs….

  6. Ray Avatar

    I hope you get better soon. You do important work

  7. Dianne M Avatar
    Dianne M

    Sorry to hear this. Sending prayers and healing blessings for Eric.

  8. anthony Avatar

    sorry to hear this

  9. Raymond Avatar

    Hang in there. Everything will be okay with all these people wishing you well and encouraging a speedy recovery.

  10. Peter223 Avatar

    Sorry to hear this. I hope he will get well soon and that Eric takes the time he needs for this. That must be his nr1 priority, the rest can wait.

    PS: I don’t know if you already have done so, but regarding the funding for his medical bills maybe you could also use social media to get the word out. That way you can reach a bigger audience

  11. freestonew Avatar

    I send my wishes for a good recovery.
    I have read of this before. Someone who really tries to help others and soul searches when he is wrong. Probably, maybe, has done this for many lives. Then disaster strikes, a rare condition or something that now makes him utterly dependent upon others! Like a balancing. Now everyone will attend to and to wait, upon him! A hole of Need. And how others respond to his needs influences their own future lives, in and out of incarnation.
    Then too, maybe It Is Time. Time to Leave. He is needed up there. Or that some great disaster is to strike the earth where the survivors envy the dead!

    Not that he should give up, of course. For maybe he is supposed to overcome great adversary.
    Only Spirit knows the reasons.

    If he lives and becomes fairly healthy again, be ready for surprises! Like…maybe he will move to another state or to give up the practice altogether and then become a permanent volunteer at a senior center and to spend the rest of his life helping people with feet firmly planted upon the ground! Or to join a fundamentalist church!
    ……for this is now the time for shocks and upheavals.


  12. Trina Avatar


    So sad your back in hospital.Take time to recover.Dont worry about us.
    We will be here.

  13. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar

    I hope you’re Ok Erick

  14. susan gortva Avatar
    susan gortva

    I also hope you will recover again. please get well.

  15. Katie Avatar

    Oh no. So sorry to hear this. Sending prayers and blessings.

  16. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    So sorry! I just spoke with him the other day lots of prayers coming your way!!

  17. Avatar

    Many prayers are being said for Eric!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  18. Sara Avatar

    Yikes, I hope it’s not too serious!
    Best wishes, Eric.

  19. jules104 Avatar

    Still praying for you Eric. Sending love and healing energy your way. I believe you will come back even stronger than before, even more determined and focused on eliminating the darkness in this world. But please rest now and take it easy and focus on your healing. Will be thinking of you and praying for you and yours every day. Blessings 🙏🏻❤️🌟💫

  20. Pat Avatar

    I am so sorry to hear that you are sick again! Will keep you in prayer!! Sending love your way!!

  21. Peace and light for all Avatar
    Peace and light for all

    So sorry to hear this. Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.

  22. iamtot Avatar

    Oh no Eric. 🙁

  23. twiceblessed9 Avatar

    Prayers for you Eric. May you gain good health quickly and stay healthy.

  24. rhona2 Avatar

    With you in spirit ..take it easy ..precious man ..your services are indispensable. .we live you and are sending you this live in droves all of us ..
    Regards to Bea and all your loved ones ..keep your chin up ..

    all my best thoughts Rhona👍

  25. spersin2015 Avatar

    Oh no, Eric!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Nothing but love surrounds you.

    Be safe and well my friend.

    All our love 🙂

  26. Hugo Sanders Avatar
    Hugo Sanders

    Dear Eric, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please get better soon and PLEASE take it easy when you do.

  27. BeachHut Avatar

    This is bad news. Please don’t get ‘back to work’ until you are properly over the worst, Eric. Focus on you for the time being. Sending healing vibes, though they don’t seem to have been much use so far. 🙁

    1. Mary p Avatar
      Mary p

      I agree. I hope he heals completely and does not return to work so quickly. ❤️

  28. lilimamo Avatar

    My prayers still with Eric. How is he doing today?

  29. Daffodil Avatar

    Hi Eric,
    Thinking of you today. Hope this time the medical staff will find a solution
    to end your medical woes . May God bless you with strength to get through
    this difficult time.

  30. swampy11 Avatar

    Sending healing prayers and thoughts with the light your way. We’ll be looking forward to you coming back, whenever that will be. Just take care of yourself.

  31. Chris Avatar

    The best wshes for Your recovery from Vienna! Love Chris!

  32. nturegrl Avatar

    Sending daily Reiki to you..may you be well soon Eric.

  33. isanne10 Avatar

    I’m shocked and saddened to read this…..I’d really hoped the worst was behind you, Eric.
    Like other commenters I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Take care…:)

  34. KarenBentley Avatar

    Shining love, Eric, and asking the HS to bring you the healing miracle you so deserve. And I miss you!

  35. lossie2020 Avatar

    Very sad to hear that, Eric. Sending the power of prayers and love to you. Stay strong.

    SWC, I wonder if any psychic can predict or sense where the pains in his body. Hopefully the doctor can locate it and treat it as quickly as possible to prevent from worst.

  36. LLG26 Avatar

    Eric so hopeful that you will be over this health crisis and recuperating soon. May God grant you healing and may angels watch over you always. May all the unknown angels of healing be by your side helping you to get through this as well as those others called upon to heal you. May you feel the love of all those higher vibrational beings as well as the love of your community of well wishers here on Earth. May God and Jesus bless you and keep you safe.

  37. Eliza Avatar

    In loving faith that your recovery is restful and complete. God, fix Eric. Thank You.

  38. Eliza Avatar

    God, take care of paying his expenses for him. In loving faith, Thank You.

  39. Jess Avatar

    Thinking of you Eric. Sending love and we’ll wishes from Australia xxx

  40. Michelle Record Avatar
    Michelle Record

    Any updates on Eric?

  41. yuvaevergreen Avatar

    I pray to God for your health, Eric. He will give you the necessary will/health.

  42. lossie2020 Avatar

    Praying for Eric daily till he gets his strength back. It’s sad that he went back to hospital for third time. Very worried and concerned. :'(

    Pray he will make it through. Don’t give up the fight. You can do it. Everyone loves you and praying for you.

    1. Sara Avatar

      I understand your worry. Fortunately medical care has come a long way.

      And since Eric had been in the hospital recently, they’ll have up-to-date information on him, his health needs, records, what medications or treatments he’s on or has tried.

      Having up-to-date information like that is a HUGE help for doctors in treating patients. It saves time and helps them narrow down the best treatments. Hopefully this will help in Eric’s recovery.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        If only Eric lived in Australia. All of his treatments would be free. I can’t believe America is so backward when it comes to their citizen’s health.

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Pete medium. …it’s nice to know that Australia is free health clinic service. Wish the same for USA and don’t understand why not choosing to free services. Taxes will be slight higher but worth all by avoiding the huge debts. I wonder if this is because the doctors wanted more money and it help the insurance companies make money as well. I would rather live in Australia for free health services.

      3. lossie2020 Avatar

        Thanks Sara. Praying he will make it with the power of prayers and good doctors. It affects me that he is physically unwell but keep his spiritual lift up against all odds. Eric helps me be aware of the future events. It’s thanksgiving week, I’m thankful for Eric, the Spirits and SWC. May the sweet Holy Spirit be with him during these difficult time. He is not alone. Our hearts and spirits are with him and praying for his well being. He is special.

      4. Mary p Avatar
        Mary p

        Some of us in America are not backwards about healthcare. Our politicians prey on people’s fear using healthcare as an argument against socialism. The politicians are actually smart in a cunning and deceptive way. And people believe them which is sad.
        I do hope Eric heals. I worry that 3 hospital stays is very very serious. Collectively let’s pray that Eric’s body begins to find healing. Let’s vizualize him well❤️

  43. Violet319 Avatar

    Oh my, just reading this today. Prayers for you Eric, do get well soon!!!

  44. Holaca Avatar

    Eric hopefully this is your last Visit back to the hospital, spirit cleared the decks for you to rest and made sure you had no choice. May you come back stronger than before much love and healing x

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am doing better thanks

  45. Eibhlin Avatar

    I keep checking for updates.. Hoping for good news. He is in my prayers.

    1. Sara Avatar

      Hopefully Eric’s just taking the time he needs to heal. Maybe a family member put their foot down and insisted he not go online until he’s well! That’s what I would do, if I had a family member working so hard.

  46. cat Avatar

    Dear Eric-
    Sending you heartfelt Love and Hearts and Hugs and ALL the HEALING ANGELS in the galaxies to help you heal and get onto the road to recovery as soon as possible-
    Meanwhile, Sleep, Rest and Please take the upmost care in everything you do-
    You are in the BEST care with Bea and all your doctors.
    We are all sending you Golden Light and Love, and especially Prayers!
    Cant wait to see you back here when you are ready and able!
    God Bless You Eric! You will pull through this A-OK!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you

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