Well life has dealt me a blow. I had emergency surgery on Wednesday. I believe now this is what was meant by times up, since a scheduled surgery was two weeks away. I am now in recovery and should be back sometime next week. Please keep me in your prayers.

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  1. I understand where your coming from
    As you know,I had Open Heart Surgery last year 31.So it takes awhile to recover from any type of surgery.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Keeping you in my prayers Eric and sending healing light and loving energy your way. Please rest up and take the time necessary to heal.
    Blessings and Prayers πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒŸπŸ˜‡

  3. You will be in my prayers Eric and I will visualize you surrounded in healing light and feeling great at 100% of excellent health. Amen.

  4. Hi Eric; hope everything with surgery went well! Please rest and get well; don’t worry (like you always do) about predictions; updating; please take care of yourself!! Remember YOU are important too! Healers and empaths tend to focus on others so much; they can overlook themselves. So please rest, give stuff time and you will be back before long!!

  5. Eric
    your always in our prayers.. and love and healing light to you. .
    surrounds you .
    blessings for a speedy recovery .

  6. Oh this is really tough I’m so sorry you’ve been this ill. I hoped your emergency room visit was the end of your problems. Planned surgery’s gruelling enough without having to go through it suddenly as an emergency. Take all the time you need to get fully back to health, we will all be here when you’re ready. Much love and healing vibes.

  7. Oh Eric, I am sorry you are not well. I knew something was wrong and I sent you blessings and am sending you lots of healing energy. Please take all the time you need. You are # 1.

  8. Sending you healing, love and light. I have been battling health issues myself this past year and now, so has my husband. You are going to be ok, just take the time and energy to heal. The spirits and all the rest of us are sending you healing and love. Feel better soon and take care of yourself. You are one of the good guys!

  9. Dear Eric,
    I’m so sorry to hear about your emergency surgery, that must have been such a shock for you and your loved ones…..! Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of TLC, so you will feel better soon.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Donna B:
    please take care of yourself and don’t worry about predictions, your well being is the most important at this point. Sending you lots of prayers for your well being …….

  10. Hi Eric I hope you feel better soon. this is totally off subject but it’s been bugging me for a month. Does Gracie mean anything to you? If it does then I need to make an appointment with you if it doesn’t no harm in asking. Right?

  11. I asked Spirit yesterday why you were absent; they replied you were back in hospital so I sat and did a healing surrounding you in beautiful green light. Your recovery cannot be rushed but it will come. Love and light take care.

  12. So sorry to hear about your emergency surgery. Will be sending prayers and lots of positive thought for your complete recovery.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

    Don’t worry about predictions! Watch cat and dog videos. They always make me laugh and help me forget life’s problems for a while. πŸ˜„β€οΈ

  13. I wish for and pray for your speedy recovery! I am hoping for the best outcome and want you to know that you are a comfort to me. I remember when I first found your blog and how much I’ve learned since then! You are a teacher also. Thanks Eric and also thanks to those guides who you communicate with.

  14. So shocked to hear of your emergency surgery – thought you were convalescing safely at home. All sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery and no recurrences. May your spiritual protectors surround you with a healing light and lead you to full health and well-being

  15. Eric, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope your recovery is speedy and complete. Take care of yourself!

  16. So THATS why I had concerns for you. Glad it was caught and fixed mate. Recovery can be slow, but boy don’t you have a chance to do those little things you kept putting off before, like cleaning those useless ‘saved’ files from your computer etc *Chuckle*…..Good Recovery. Pete

  17. Eric, Sending many prayers your way. Please take time for yourself to heal. Wishing you a very fast recovery… and thanks for all that you do!

  18. Oh Eric I do hope you are feeling better. Love , prayers and healing to you. Please don’t push yourself.

  19. Hi , Eric i was a bit curious what had happened to you since you posted a prediction and then never came back. I hope you get better soon! Please take all your time to heal and get strong again. God bless you and thanks for sharing your ability of seeing predictions with us. Will have you in my prayers! Get well soon! πŸ’œπŸ‘ΌπŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸ»

  20. Sending prayers and healing light for your recovery. Take care of yourself and I’m glad you’re getting this behind you now.

  21. Put lots and lots of bandages on the wounded areas and soon you will be feeling all better! Relax and let the doctor and nurses do the rest taking great care of you. Praying for quick recovery and healing for you. You have a great team of SWC…trust us~ πŸ™‚

  22. Sending you healing light and prayers. If there is anything you need, let any of us know. I’m in San Diego too. I just know you will get through it. Rest and recover. You have to make it through because you once said at the end of your life would be when the scariest leader would rise to power. And that cannot happen yet. Eat healthy and research vitamins. UCSD has the best innogrative care combining eastern and western medicine. Namaste.

  23. Sending love and light your way! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Please rest ……heal and be well!!

  24. Dear Eric,wishing you a speedy and full recovery and will keep you in my prayers,i have a feeling you will soon have a flood of visions..there was a reason for this to unexpectantly happen to someone like you..so rest up while you can my Friend xo

  25. It’s funny how we grow a connection with someone we do not know, yet we trust that connection completely. May your recovery quickly bring about the strength that is needed. I support you unconditionally.

  26. Dearest Eric,
    Please take care of yourself, rest, relax, and Get Well Soon!
    We all are sending you God’s Golden Light to Heal Well and Fast!
    God Bless you.

      1. Trina, yes I agreed. I feel there was more than few shooters involved. Could be the govt covered up..maybe not. Eventually the truth will come out. Something and whatsoever reason caused the massacre is unknown. Eventually we gonna find out who and why did all that.

      1. Yes agreed…maybe 8 shooters but don’t know yet. There was a team of shooters involved to create this choa for a reason.

    1. Holaca,
      I checked that article–it came out a week or two ago, and since then has been debunked.
      That doesn’t mean there weren’t multiple shooters; just that the story of the arrest is false.

      I, for one, am very curious as to Paddock’s motive and wonder if it’s possible more people may have been involved.

      What puzzles me is that whatever motive he had, it was important enough to him to do such a terrible thing….and if that’s so, don’t mass shooters usually like to make their motives known? There’s still a lot we don’t understand.

      1. Agreed Sara! Too many red flags that doesn’t add up as just reminded me of JFK’s assassination and 9-11 incident. It’s a covered up by govt, in my opinion. I’m excited for the first time in 50 years..the documents will be shared in publicity. It’ll be very interesting! Don’t we all love when the truth comes out? πŸ™‚


    1. Did Eric develop complications; is that why he hasn’t been back yet? Do you know him in real life?

      Again, wishes for a safe recovery for him.

    2. Thanks for starting this Cynthia. I donated, and encourage anyone that can help, even in the smallest way. I wish for many Angels to surround you Eric, and expedite your healing. Many many blessings to you.

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