Our First Meeting

I am very sorry that many of you could not connect, but I was riddled with technical difficulties. I did not know that to call a group it has to be individuals apart of your “Friends” list, I assumed I could just get your number and call. Then after we finally got through we connected to a group of people that seem to be having an intoxicated party. It was definitely not they way I wanted it to turn out. So for those of you I could not connect with I apologize.

In hindsight Skype was not the best option. We need to either do it by phone or another way entirely. Skype has to many restrictions. If someone has a different option let me know

It was very interesting to hear some of your ideas and points. Many of you opened my eyes to some really good ideas, and a better understanding of how we could be perceived.

We will summarize the meeting in the next day or two.


38 thoughts on “Our First Meeting

  1. Hi Eric could you look into WhatsApp conference call or set up an account with Cisco WebEx to run a webinar or conference call?

  2. Hi Eric,
    There are several software packages you can use for a conference cal. WhatsApp is OK, but I’m not sure about their recording ability. I highly suggest and have used GoToMeeting or GoToTraining. You will be able to record, attach handouts, show yourself, your screen, transfer to others for screen control, add polls and surveys and best of all, convert your recording to mp3 so that it can be saved and shared. It’s not free but well worth the cost. I’ve used it for years with high-level exec. meetings and other trainings. Give it a try.


  3. You can do go to meeting is free evryone gets a ohone number to call and an access code.let me know I am interested.

  4. You could also try a Periscope app on your smartphone. You would be projected live, everyone could see you and then the viewers would send messages / remarks everyone could see. It would be less responsive than if everyone was able to speak at once but it could be Plan B or C.

  5. Hello Eric and SWC. For quite a few years I operated a ‘room’ out of Paltalk. You can set up a closed room for only those that you wish to enter and it combines video, voice and text. Each person can chat to the group via video/voice, one at a time, but texting can happen all the time. I used to be able to copy and save the text and I also could record the voice…however I never used the video because of my server. Paltalk entry details should be available at Google. Pete

          1. Most of the platforms mentioned for conference calling will also give you a computer link to join the meeting, so you can either call in or link in. If you use the link, you can usually send written messages to other attendees, like asking a question without interrupting the meeting.

            I’ve personally used Go To Meeting and Google+ Hangouts the most for biz type meetings from all over and they worked well.

            I think that Free Conference Call site seems the most promising because it offers so many services for free and a table comparing it to all the other platforms like Go To Meeting so you could easily see what features are missing or require payment.

            I was on a similar meeting this spring with another psychic who was holding a group visioning session and suggested that those interested listen in — there were 100s from all over and it was a computer link using Zoom. I just double-checked my registration email. I remember we could all text each other while the psychic was leading the meeting. It was free for us to set up an account but I don’t know if the psychic had to pay anything for us. We all had to join Zoom to join the meeting.

            Re the person who didn’t want to use FB — I’m in that category. I don’t even like to read posts on FB because of privacy considerations and that was before all the Russia issues

  6. Wrong place to post this question, but anyway….Eric, do you have any idea which two predictions the completed countdowns are for?

  7. Eric SWC
    Im hoping you get Skype sorted .
    It has been brought to my attention that the Drunken party on Skype was implied to be Me .

    I can tell you all now with respect it was not me . I dont drink never have never will ..
    I Also dont have a computer and have never Skyped ..
    Im really upset that it has been presumed it may gave been me ..Please be advised it was not ..
    Im sad you all had to experience that scene and it was unfortunate that the person was not identified ..
    Ivwish you thecbest for future meetings .
    regards Rhona2

    1. zoom u can use data internet connection. sorry i said call. but its like a call to an access number with pin to connect.
      dont need to use normal phone.

  8. Hi everyone! I am the drunken Aussie girl from last night. I am still in disbelief that I was accidentally called on Skype last night…. I find it hysterical and I hope you can find humour in our drunken shenanigans too but I do apologize if you did not care for it and I am aware we were an interruption to a very important discussion and collaboration.
    I am so grateful for what Eric does and I have been a silent observer of this site for a couple of years now. I also have had a reading at the beginning of the year. Everything that he has said has unfolded, I am completely amazed and I am looking forward to getting another reading very soon. Love your work Eric….

    1. Jess
      no worries. .
      I admit I had a bit of a laugh when they thought it was me ..im not a piker It just was so far from the me ..I am Ausi through and through and my family love their Ausi bbq and a good party ..Im medically not aloud to drink
      so i have to sit out ..
      Hope it was a good night ..
      Keep enjoy being an Ausi Mate
      Thanks ..

      1. hahaha…. thanks Rhona!! I have to say it was an incredible night, one helluva party 😀

  9. Hi Eric,
    Here’s another platform idea for you to consider, and it’s completely FREE. How about setting up your own channel page on YouTube and stream live meetings where anyone can watch and comment on what you’re saying. This requires no money, very little skill, and less than an hour to get yourself set-up on YouTube. Your computer needs to have a camera, and I’m assuming you’ve already got this. Another big plus is that a lot of people are already familiar with YouTube in general and YouTube live streaming in particular. Participants just have to get themselves to YouTube and either type in your name or your channel in the search bar. They don’t have to learn another app or download anything.

  10. Hi Eric – Sorry I missed the meeting. I don’t use Facebook much, and I worry that all the information shared on it is owned by Facebook, so I would not recommend using them. I will be shutting down my account on FB on Oct 19, the day of protest against them working with Putin to destroy the 2016 election.
    I have found the Cisco WebEx system to be unreliable for business videoconferences, the connections break down too often. I have liked using FreeConferenceCall.com for free calls – this has always worked for me. At work, we have been using Google Hangouts for international calls, and it works fine.
    I hope to be on the next call.

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