SWC Meeting Saturday

I wanted to clarify a possible mistake with the terror attack coming in the North east,   The number 57 could also be a countdown of 5 days, which is around the 8th. I will be asking for a countdown to Zero from Spirit.


SWC Meeting this Saturday at 7am Pacific Time.

During the Meeting we will discuss what we have accomplished so far and answer any questions you my fans have.

If you would like to join the conversation please send a friend request to Skype at worldwidepredictions or Eric Leigh-Pink. Please send the request by Friday. On Saturday at 7am I will call the entire group. Please also forward an email titled SWC, please forward your name and Skype address, so I have your information for all future meetings.

I still need someone who is more tech savvy to record the meeting so we can post it here from a YouTube video. Please email me if you can do this.




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  1. Donna B Avatar
    Donna B

    Eric; thank you for everything; does Spirit give any indication of where in north east; going to Philadelphia soon. Thanks again

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Vermont or New York

      1. Donna B Avatar
        Donna B

        Thank you! Hope this doesn’t happen any place! I can hardly wrap my head around what’s going on; from violent weather to violent humans! But I am listening how many heroes there were when all the situations were ugly; makes me feel better. I see the beautiful young people who died and it’s hard to imagine how insane this truly is! Doesn’t matter why how or what this was; it’s horribly sad. Extremely dark person and/or situation

  2. Trina Avatar


    Was there another shooter in Las Vegas?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I don’t believe so.

      1. Trina Avatar

        The Las Vegas police said they impounded 160 cars.I remember your reading said something
        about 160.
        Unless something worse than Vegas will happen.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I believe that is it for vegas

      2. Trina Avatar

        Does that mean something bigger than Vegas will happen?

      3. Kimberly Avatar

        More confirmation- the LVFD stated 160 responders were dispatched. Stated in a press conference.

        I also wonder if able to ask spirit questions, would they hint as to this guy’s motive? I think so many people just want to know why. Terror affiliation? Radicalized? Did he have help in doing this? Did anyone know what he planned? So many theories out there that it was “like a fast and the furious deal gone wrong…”

  3. tempestmm326 Avatar

    If the number 57 appears in different
    posts from different months and years and if the 57 is a countdown then
    wouldnt that countdown be different
    depending upon each posting date?
    So how do u know which countdown is correctt especially if those dates
    come and go and nothing happens.
    could the numbers represent something
    more solid? Something that doesnt
    change based on date or year?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The only other possible meaning is the 5th of November. But I don’t consider that very soon. I would add that the 5 days is estimated it could be the 7, 8, 9. We need them to bring it to zero

      1. Trina Avatar

        Garth Brooks has 3 shows in Seattle in November.3,4,5th and 11th in Spokane.

  4. tempestmm326 Avatar

    There are a couple of posts
    like 8-26-15
    that mention ohio columbus.
    maybe they are separate.
    since ohio already tied in with
    the theme park ride then maybe
    Columbus is columbus day.
    the time frame works because this
    post also talks about shooter with
    automatic weapon which could
    be las vegas.

    1. tempestmm326 Avatar

      also in looking over some posts
      there is uk and US, time of
      pumpkins, football. being played,
      car windows being shot at and
      on the day of las vegas shooting
      US played football at stadium in UK.
      Shooting was at Harvest festival.
      shooter was on 32nd floor and car windows were shattered.
      So it looks like a lot of old posts are coming together.

  5. lossie2020 Avatar

    I’m deeply sad and depressed. I’m keeping my head high that it had to be from extremely negative energies around me. I’m staying away from “mean spirited” people via social network. I’m ready for this month of October to pass. :/

    Hanging tight. Praying for radiant lights and love.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      Sorry to hear you’re feeling low lossie. It sounds like you’re handling it in the right spirit. I hope your mood lifts sooner rather than later.

    2. Sara Avatar

      Don’t worry Lossie, humanity has gone through rough patches before, but came through each time. “This too, shall pass.” (I don’t know who first said that, but it’s a good saying.)

      If we do our best to stay calm, think rationally, and help the people around us, that can make a big difference.

  6. Karen Avatar

    Hurricane Nate is coming just before Columbus Day as you said, but does seem to miss Florida?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is another one coming very soon

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        That one should be Ophelia that’s coming next.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          That was my thought too.

  7. BeachHut Avatar

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to join your skype meeting, it’s just not something I am able to do. I hope it goes well and that you have a productive and socially uplifting time.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Sorry to hear that, did you already send your info?

  8. mhb Avatar

    Hey all, NBC news just said they’d foiled an ISIS attacker for NY who was targeting concerts and subways. I don’t know if that means that the prediction might have made a difference but anyway, good news they caught somebody before they acted. Someone else could still be planning something.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
    2. Sara Avatar

      I don’t think that’s the prediction…the article said two of them were arrested in 2016, and the plot was supposed to be carried out in 2016.

      This attack has been stopped for over a year, we just haven’t heard the details about it until recently, when it was made public.

      Sadly, I suspect Eric’s prediction is still coming.

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