Hurricane Irma Strikes Puerto Rico

This tragic prediction has happened please pray for all those affected in Puerto Rico in this horrible disaster.

Predictions 3-20-17.  “When the Hurricanes arrive.. Puerto Rico will be demolished

Predictions 9-3-17.  “Large earthquake” Later I would hear the California song.   Then they showed Puerto Rico and Florida, showing there concerns there as well.


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  1. Lurker 123 Avatar

    I wish there was a way we could help the helpless before tragedy strikes.

    1. tempestmm326 Avatar

      hi eric
      this is very weird but i am
      letting u know because it might
      help with timeframes for events.
      if u click on 9-3-17 post it then
      shows link for 10-14-14 post.
      this post mentions muslims food
      poison ambulance and a woman missing
      chris christine husband did it
      today i heard mention of isis being
      encouraged to poison food in
      grocery stores.
      i have a friend who is also intuutive
      and she called me this week to bounce
      some ideas about possible scenarios about
      a woman who went missing last
      week. texas. a realtor. it was loosely
      mentioned on news here in NJ.
      her name is crystal.

  2. tempestmm326 Avatar

    9-3-17 post mentions large
    earthquake CA, florida, puerto rico.
    so if puerto rico was hit today
    and fllorida is in next day or two
    then the earthquake in california
    is literally on top of us.

  3. tempestmm326 Avatar

    northern california, san fran,
    1 left.
    flamingo , hurricane changes course
    1st of 2.
    we know irma changed course.
    we know its headed to florida
    where the flamingo reference fits.
    we know another hurricane jose
    is right behind it so irma is the
    1st of 2 hurricanes. .
    does 1 left mean 1 event left? earthquake event?
    so that means earthquake is
    most likely after the 2nd hurricane.
    and earthquake is in san francisco
    but how much after? next wed?
    or sept 18th?
    as far out as october?
    10. 513 appeared somewhere.
    october 18th?
    any ideas?

  4. tempestmm326 Avatar

    and october 18 falls on a wednesday.

  5. tracypaints44 Avatar

    is it possible that the earthquake reference is to the fact that Irma’s winds were so powerful they actually set off earthquake detectors?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I asked and they keep pointing to California.

  6. tempestmm326 Avatar

    regarding dates….
    it was mentioned some time
    ago that there was a hint in
    the dates
    when i lookefd at some hurricane dates
    i noticed a connection in some of the
    makor events.
    is it possible that the connection
    between dates and events is
    related to the date of the original
    post? for example? on
    assassination, there is goong tp be a lee harvey oswald moment ,number 4 on. brown
    emblem, the 23rd is marked
    i noticed that this prediction
    came in a grouping with hurricane
    and earthquake .
    we know the hurricane is happening
    now. we are pretty sure the earrhquake
    is coming next.
    what if the number 4 is four years
    from the date of the
    post so 2013 +4 is 2017
    the 23 is very close to the 22
    and the month 12 remains the ssme
    12-23-2017. it possibly fits in line
    with the 2017 current events
    hurricane 1, then hurricane 2, (sept)
    then earrthquake ( around october) then airplane (around nov) then
    assassination (around dec )

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information.

  7. melbrake Avatar

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Unfortunately, Eric, the series of X-Solar Flares from Sept. 06 which will arrive on Sept 08 will worsen the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Jose on the USA was predicted in 2016:


  8. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Large eq,
    Off coast of Mexico…precursor? 8.2
    Tsunami info at bottom of eq info page..NOAA link..
    Threat for next 3 hrs…waves observed…see report..
    Side note you posted 7 th marked….

  9. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    St.Kitts and Nevis..
    Storms and flooding has spawned new diseases..
    A disease with no specific cure first seen in Taiwan in 1998 which infected 1.5 million people has hit St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean.

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